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In this article I want to Defense meeting PowerPoint I mean, how to design a PowerPoint for thesis presentation, make a menu for it and What points should we follow so that our PowerPoint gets a full score from the referee?

The order of writing the content in the thesis PowerPoint

The most basic task in the process of creating a PowerPoint for the defense meeting is to specify the structure of the PowerPoint and the order of writing the content for the thesis PowerPoint Is.


Usually, the order of writing the content in the thesis PowerPoint is as follows:

  • Slide Bismillah Rahman Rahman Rahman
  • Introduction slide: including name and family name, student number, field of study, supervisor, presentation date, university logo, thesis topic
  • presentation slide
  • Introduction
  • General research
  • Research background
  • Research method modeling
  • Analysis and analysis
  • Results section
  • Sources
  • Thank you slide

tip: The modeling section is used for engineering presentations and is not used for more general presentations.

Creating a smart and menu-rich list

PowerPoint thesis defense meeting It is better to have a smart list. Because it is good to pay attention to this point This presentation is a formal presentation And it is better for the friends who watch our presentation to know exactly what part of the presentation we are in. Also, having a menu in PowerPoint helps a lot to organize and order the presentation.

To build a smart list Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Shapes option from the insert menu.
  2. Choose one of the shapes according to your taste ( The most used shape for creating a menu is usually a rectangle).
  3. Now place your shape in any corner of the slide and adjust its color and size from the Format section.
  4. Now copy and paste as many sections as I mentioned in the order of the thesis and place them at an equal distance from each other. (Note that Bismillah slide, presentation, introduction, sources and thanks are not included in the menu and do not count them in the count.)
  5. After that, enter the corresponding text in each of the shapes and try to make the color of the shape that you are presenting related content different from the other parts.
  6. Also, if you intend to be directed to the contents of that section by clicking on the subject of any figure, you must use the hyperlink feature in PowerPoint.

Important note: Maybe you don’t have the time to prepare a PowerPoint with a menu yourself or you don’t know how to work with PowerPoint software. In these cases, you can PowerPoint theme ready Use for your presentation. But due to the fact that for presenting the defense meeting, few resources have prepared appropriate PowerPoints and also up-to-date websites. Among the new features of PowerPoint, such as zoom and morph They have used very little, I suggest you to use it Pocket Store site PowerPoint templates which is one of the most up-to-date websites in Iran in this field.

Considering that the PowerPoints on this site are both free and paid, it is better to go to the thesis templates category of Pocket Store and choose and download your own template. For this work on the link Thesis PowerPoint sample click.

The best fonts to present the thesis PowerPoint

One of the most important factors for the beauty of defense PowerPoint is the use of the right font. Sometimes I observe that many excellent students use foreign and low-quality fonts for their most important presentations, and the appearance of their PowerPoint is literally awful. That’s why I emphasize to use Persian and official fonts.

Usually The best Persian and official fonts used in PowerPoint presentations of thesis and defense meeting For Persian sections:

  • Title font suitable for titles
  • Nice font for the text of the slides
  • Iran Sense font for the text of the slides: Iran Sense font has a license and you have to pay for it from the Iran Font website.
  • Shabnam font for the text of the slides
  • Lotus font for the text of the slides
  • Homa techniques for the text of the slides
  • Tulip font for title slides
  • Wazir font for text or title slides

The most used fonts in presenting the thesis. Title font for the titles and Nazanin font for the text of the slides Is. But if your university does not have a specific standard, you can use other beautiful fonts that were introduced.

For English words and sentences, it is usually from time new roman font with size Two units smaller than Persian font is used

Very important point: If you are going to put your PowerPoint into Flash and run it on another laptop in any order on the defense day, if that laptop or computer does not have your font, the text of your presentation will be messed up, so be sure to save the font of your file in PowerPoint. So that you don’t face any problem in case of transfer. For this, it is enough to search on Google “learning how to save fonts in PowerPoint”.

What color scheme should we use for our defense PowerPoint?

Regarding coloring, the best thing I can tell you is not to use loud colors and also try to make your coloring complementary and have its own beauty. Many color combinations can be used to present the defense session, which I will put below some PowerPoint examples with complementary colors for you.

Use of images, gifs, infographics and videos

In the presentation of the thesis, not everything you present is supposed to be available line by line on the slides. Rather, each slide should contain summary points of the topic of that part and its beauty should be doubled by using photos, gifs and high-quality videos. Also, infographics are one of the best options for beautifying PowerPoint that you can Have an infographic slide in every few slides.

A few tips to avoid referee usage issues

In this part, I will mention a series of small but important points as headlines so that the presentation of your defense session does not give the master referee an excuse to criticize you. So be sure to consider the following points in your presentation:

  1. Numbering slides in PowerPoint
  2. Saving fonts in PowerPoint
  3. Compliance with punctuation marks
  4. Captions for images and diagrams and numbering of diagrams and images
  5. No exaggeration in the use of animation and transitions

About saving fonts in PowerPoint, I explained above, but let’s go to the next topics:

Numbering slides in PowerPoint

Students usually use numbering of the slides in preparing and making the thesis PowerPoint theme. Make sure that your slides have numbers. And It is better to number your slides in multiples For example, if your PowerPoint has 20 slides and you are on slide 5, the number 5/20 (5 out of 20) will be displayed on the monitor.

Compliance with punctuation in PowerPoint

Usually Non-observance of punctuation marks in PowerPoint is the most common complaint made by professors about university PowerPoints.For this reason, it is better to observe the half space and correct spacing of punctuation marks in the text. To apply half space in PowerPoint, press ctrl + shift + 2 Or Use Shift+Space.

punctuation marks in the text for sure They should be separated from the word before them and stick to the word after them. In the same sentence, for example, there is a dot after the word “stick” and this dot is not far from the previous word and is one distance from the next word.

Add captions to images and charts

It is very important to present the thesis Each image or diagram you use should have a caption under it And the description of the diagram or image should be in it. The explanation is that the number of the diagram or image must be placed first, and then the subject of the image and diagram should be written.

Moderation in the use of animation and transitions

Using animation and giving effects to slides and text can make the PowerPoint of the defense session more beautiful, but sometimes due to the excessive use of these features and their repetition, the attendees get tired and sometimes angry. for this reason Variety and use in the right place These visual effects can help improve your PowerPoint.

final word

In this article I tried to give tips for Successful construction and presentation at the defense meeting It helps to tell you. I hope you are satisfied with this article. Also, if you want to use ready-made PowerPoint templates, you can click on the link Student PowerPoint template Click or word Download pocket store PowerPoint template Search on Google.

This article is an advertisement report and IT Rasan had no role in its preparation

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