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In this news, we are going to review several foreign cars that are going to enter Iran together. Stay with us.

In these years, we have seen that Saipa Automobile Company has tried to have good cooperation with other automobile companies such as Kia Motors Korea, Zute, Brilliance and Changan.


These companies were all Chinese and had introduced good cars to the Iranian market. So, we should not be surprised if we see that this company goes to these companies and imports their cars to Iran.

Of course, there are rumors that Brilliance Automobile Company has gone bankrupt; If this news is true, Iran can no longer cooperate with this company.

Pars Khodro joins Nissan

If you remember, Pars Khodro has had a good cooperation with Nissan Motors since the past days. This company is Japanese and in addition to assembling some products of this company, we also imported a series of its products into the country.

Well, we said this to announce that Pars Khodro plans to import famous products from Nissan into the country this year. The most important of these models are two Sunny versions and a Joke model. Of course, it was a few days ago that Nissan Juke entered the country. It should be noted that this type of import depends on the private sector of the country. But currently there is no news of private sector imports.

As a result, Pars Khodro continues without competitors in this field. In addition to these products, Pars Khodro is also going to import products such as Renault. These companies have cooperated for years; These collaborations are under the X90 common platform contract, and because of that contract, the Thunder-90 car (jointly with Iran Khodro) and Sandero were assembled in Iran.

Pars Khodro plans to bring the new model of Renault Sandero into the country. Although this car has a more beautiful appearance than other Sandro models, it is not equipped with many features.

Citroen: assembly and import in Iran

When the country was in the era of the JCPOA, French car manufacturers signed a contract with our country in the field of shareholding in the country’s car industry. This cooperation led to an agreement between Saipa and Citroen on the Kashan site (owned by Saipa).

According to this agreement, it was agreed that 50% of the shares of the Kashan site will be given to the French car manufacturer, and instead the company’s name will be changed to Saipa-Citroen. Currently, the name of the Saipa-Citroen site is also included in the list announced by the Ministry of Security, so this company is going to import cars into the country alone. This is despite the fact that in the past the C3 model was assembled at this site. Considering this issue, it is not far from the expectation that this company will import this model.

Kerman Motor and Hyundai

Hyundai is a South Korean automobile company that has a history of cooperation with the Iranian Kerman Motor Company. This company is known as one of the largest car manufacturers in the private sector. A large part of this company’s imports can be through Hyundai.

Kerman Motor Company also assembled Hyundai i10 and i20 models during the JCPOA period, but after the embargo, the car parts were no longer available, and as a result, this cycle was stopped.

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But now we found out that Kerman Motor Company is planning to import these two products into the country again. In this area, Kerman Motor has a private rival, Hyundai, but now its name is not seen in the list.

If the competitors of Kermani are still not present in this arena, Kerman Motor will succeed in acquiring the monopoly of importing Hyundai products. It is also possible to import other types of Hyundai, such as Accent and Elantra.

Volkswagen and Mammoth

Kerman Motor has also cooperated with Volkswagen, but it is no longer possible for this Kermani company to cooperate with this company. Because a private company called Mammoth is importing Volks products into the country. Although the name of this mammoth group is not in the list of importing companies, but the name of one of the sub-categories of this company, called Masak Motor, is in the list of importers.

Mammoth Group was able to become the official representative of Volkswagen in Iran and introduce products such as Tiguan and Passat to the country’s market. It was from that time that the Volkswagen company planned to assemble some of its products in Iran. Then, for this purpose, Mammoth was able to implement its production line in this process.

After 1997, when America imposed sanctions on Iran, this assembly project also faded. Then, with the import ban, the entry of these cars into Iran was also stopped.

Now that there are no restrictions in the sanctions, this company plans to start importing Volkswagen to Iran again. It is said that the Mammoth company wants to import the Volkswagen Polo model in the first stage of importation, because the import limit of 20,000 euros has been applied. Maksat Motor, which is a subsidiary of this company, probably intends to import Chinese products.

Of course, it is not yet clear which imported cars the engine will stop, but maybe this company wants to think about non-Chinese cars as well. In addition, there is a possibility that the automobile industry will start importing tomorrow. This company assembles products from Dongfeng, so it is not at all far-fetched that the import options it imports into Iran include Chinese products belonging to Dongfeng.

Dynamic Arinmotor and Mitsubishi

Arin Motor Pooya is the newest automobile company in the private sector in the list of importers. Arin Motor Poya used to import cars, but after the ban on imports, it moved from car manufacturing to assembly.

This company is one of the private sector car manufacturers that assembles a Chinese car named Lamari. Considering the import history of this company, it will probably go to Mitsubishi.

In the past, the Japanese automobile company Mitsubishi exported products such as Pajero, Lancer, Outlander and Mirage to Iran. The Mirage model is also the main option for re-importing by Dynamic Arin Motor. It is interesting to know that this company previously used the suffix “Taban” on its products and imported France’s DS products in this way.

With all this, now no name of this company (Arin Motor Taban) can be seen in the list of authorized importers. Mitsubishi Mirage, Eclipse, and Atrage are examples that will most likely be on the list of car imports by this company.

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