These 12 popular apps drain your phone battery quickly


When it comes to smartphone malware, the most likely scenarios involve identity theft, emptying bank accounts, and leaking personal information. But sometimes all a piece of malware does is make a small amount of money for its creator.

Of course, in any case, these applications are still considered malware. And now a list of Android applications that are infected with Trojans and published on Google Play has been introduced.


McAfee’s mobile research team has published a list of twelve Android applications that act as clicker trojans. Before being removed from Google Play, these applications have been downloaded more than twenty million times by users of different countries. Therefore, their absence in Google Play does not mean that one of these applications is not installed on your smartphone right now.

McAfee’s team has explained that malware codes are lurking in useful applications. Apps like flashlights, task managers, and apps that read QR codes.

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As soon as these applications are installed, the malware starts surfing the web without the user’s knowledge in the background of the application to record clicks and fake views. In this way, the user unknowingly fills the pockets of some profiteers and at the same time damages his handset.

When browsing the web, your phone’s battery is consumed and low; Just like when you are browsing the web yourself. If you have an unreliable app and your phone’s battery isn’t working like it used to, you may now know what’s to blame.

Needless to say, you should remove the app that has turned your phone into a click farm as soon as possible. Here is the complete list of 16 Android applications published by McAfee team:

  • High-Speed ​​Camera
  • Smart Task Manager
  • Flashlight+
  • K-Dictionary
  • BusanBus
  • +Flashlight
  • Quick Note
  • Currency Converter
  • Joycode
  • EzDica
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • Ez Notes

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