The use of national currencies between Iran and Russia will strengthen the trade of both sides


Isa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, in an interview with the Russian news agency Rashatodi, emphasized that Western sanctions cannot be an obstacle to the development of cooperation between Iranian and Russian companies.

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The Minister of Communications traveled to Russia with a group of activists and managers of companies in the field of communications and information technology in the last week of July and had meetings with the Minister of Development of Digital Economy, Telecommunications and Communications of Russia, the head of the Federal Regulatory Agency of Communications and Mass Media.


This trip was made with the aim of developing the digital economy and creating a market for Iranian technological products, and according to the minister, it has achieved many things for Iran.

During his trip to Moscow, Zarepour gave an interview to the Russian news agency Rashatudi, which you can see below:

The leaders of Iran and Russia agreed to move more towards trading in national currencies, this for each What does two economies mean?

Zarepour: This event can strengthen the trade between the two countries. The first thing we should do is to make trade between Iran and Russia easier than before. This type of work, such as creating a joint financial channel between the two countries, can facilitate and increase the level of trade and cooperation between the two sides.

You How do you describe the relations between Tehran and Moscow these days in the field of advanced technologies?

Zarepour: These days, there is a very real demand from the private sector in both countries to improve technological cooperation, and I see many activities for the growth of this sector of cooperation, but there are some obstacles that need to be removed. For example, in the field of communication and information technology, we need a common standard for product equipment that can be resolved by the authorities of the two countries, or the customs processes between the two countries must be modified.

What fields can be foreseen for joint cooperation between the two countries in the fields of advanced technologies?

Zarepour: I believe that we can cooperate in various fields, including hardware, software, network, development of common digital services between Iran and Russia, and even common platforms to provide more reliable services to our countries. All these cases have been negotiated in order to provide a common solution for the presence of Iranian products in Russia as well as Russian products in Iran.

Iran has successfully used satellite data, is it possible to explain the relationship between Iran and Russia in this regard?

Zarepour: Iran’s activity in this field started about two decades ago, and now the space industry has become native in our country. We can build our own satellites and launch them into low earth orbits “at least 500 km” with our own launcher. But definitely, Russia’s experience and knowledge can help Iran’s space industry program, we are eager to form a more effective cooperation between the two countries in this field.

Russian and Iranian companies are definitely willing to cooperate more closely, will the Western sanctions affect it, can this also be another obstacle?

Zarepour: No, definitely if we want sanctions will not have any effect. There is a political will and a real market need to facilitate and improve this type of cooperation between the two countries. I think that if Iran and Russia want, we can improve and develop technological cooperation between us. If we can remove the existing obstacles that I mentioned in the short term, we can definitely use the capacities of both sides to solve problems and have indigenous products and services.

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