The time of using mobile internet packages is extended


After widespread disruptions in the country’s internet and the nationalization of mobile internet during significant hours of the day, the time to use the mobile internet package will be extended.

Along with the continuation of Internet disruptions and outages, not to mention the disaster situation of virtual businesses, normal mobile Internet users were also worried about the state of their Internet connection. The internet packages, which by themselves did not have an acceptable quality and price, during this period only had access to the domestic internet during a relatively large and important time of the day.


Fixed internet users did not feel comfortable and with various disruptions and outages, they endured a lot of difficulties for a simple internet connection and they also spent more volume in their normal affairs and even experienced extensive or complete outages many times.

The Organization for Regulatory Regulation and Radio Communications has recently announced that the period of internet closure for citizens will be extended. According to this announcement, the extension of the time to use mobile internet packages will take place after “removal of restrictions” and “normalization of the country’s conditions”.

Naturally, since the time of “removing the restrictions” and “normalization of the country’s conditions” is not known, it is not yet known how much time will be added to these packages. Obviously, this work will be done with regard to the internet outages and in line with the effort to preserve the rights of the mobile internet customers who had prepared the internet package; So we have to wait to see how long the internet outages will last.

This issue has been coordinated with the mobile phone operators, and after the end of the current mobile Internet packages of the subscribers, if there is some volume left, the package will be extended until a time that will be determined later; But in the meantime, there is no news about fixed internet packages. Fixed internet subscribers have also experienced everything during this time; From short-term outages, severe speed drops and disruptions in various accesses to widespread outages of some operators such as Mobin Net.

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