The surplus of iPhone inventory in the market forced Apple to reduce the price of its handsets


Samsung is probably not the only company that is dealing with the problem of excess supply of smartphones in the market; Because Apple is probably experiencing similar conditions. In this regard, the Cupertino giant, in an unexpected move, has considered a series of discounts for high-end iPhone models and some related accessories in the Chinese market.

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Samsung and Apple are the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world; But despite having similar goals, these brands have almost no similarities with each other. According to Bloomberg, Samsung is known for offering great discounts and regular trade-in offers for its Galaxy devices; While Apple is known for implementing a completely opposite policy. This means that Apple rarely (if ever) lowers the price of its current iPhone models.


For years now, Apple has not offered any discounts for its flagship iPhones in China. But following recent developments, the company has announced in an unexpected twist that it will hold a 4-day sales event for its iPhones, smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

iPhone 13 Pro is available with a discount of $89

According to market watchers, Apple recorded a significant number of smartphone shipments in the Chinese market during June. This figure is many times higher compared to local smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. But a high amount of transfer does not always mean a lot of sales; Because Apple has probably faced the problem of excess inventory in the market.

It is still unclear whether Apple has 50 million phones without customers like Samsung. But due to the lack of announcement of discounts for iPhone phones in the past years, it seems that the sales of Apple handsets in the Chinese market in the last few months have been lower than expected by the company. Market analysts estimate that the global sales of smartphones in the second quarter of 2022 will decrease by about 9%, and it is obvious that Apple’s performance will follow the trend of the global market.

The time window of Apple discounts for customers living in China started on July 29 (August 7) ​​and ends on August 1 (August 10). In this festival, Apple will consider discounts for the latest iPhone models, some models of AirPods and Apple Watch smart watches. On the other hand, Samsung is preparing to unveil its new generation of foldable phones alongside the Galaxy Watch 5 series of smart watches on August 10.

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