The support of the wall of Trumpet: we will temporarily withdraw from Google Play!


After the world’s largest Android market, Google Play, suddenly removed all the applications belonging to the Trumpets collection from this Android market, many believed that it was due to the US sanctions, although it is not clear what mechanism it follows. , because, unlike the App Store (a store for iOS applications), Google usually does not show particular strictness in relation to Android applications that belong to our country.

Now, after this sudden removal, the biggest competitor of Trump in the country, i.e. Divar, in a short statement, announced his support for the old competitor and to create a healthy competitive environment in this field, removed his application from Google Play for new users. did The text of Wall’s statement is as follows:


Recently, we learned that the Trumpet program has been removed from Google Play without prior warning and due to sanctions. The wall is deeply sorry for this incident. In support of Trumpet, we decided not to temporarily display the wall app for new users in the Google Play store, so that this business can be kept away from the competitive damage caused by not being on Google Play. We are grateful for our users’ cooperation with this decision and we hope that the problem will be resolved for our friends in Shipour as soon as possible.

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