The stock and capital market is affected by the disruption and slowness of the country’s internet


Babak Abedin, the Vice Chairman of the Information Technology Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, pointed out the continued disruption and slowness of the Internet in the country and warned about the damage of these limitations to the country’s economy.

Abedin recently said about the disruption in the Internet and the implementation of restrictive plans such as the protection plan: the private sector is trying to make the country the hub of Iran’s commercial transfer from East Asia to the West, while the Internet is the most important platform for data transfer. It is considered in economic exchanges and its disruption paves the way for competing countries to replace us in regional trade relations.


Referring to the fact that the disruption and restrictions on the Internet are contrary to Iran’s cooperation agreements with the CIS countries and East Asian countries, he emphasized that if we want to become one of the important economic countries in the region, we should not reduce the speed of data transmission.

In this regard, Abedin said: Artificial intelligence system and high-speed data transmission systems for connecting production lines from one region to another and managing machines and technologies remotely in our commercial competitor countries have made significant progress. If the data transmission speed system in Iran is not up to par with them, we will undoubtedly face serious challenges in the process and continuation of economic activities.

The vice-chairman of the Information Technology Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, pointing out that the perspective of managers in reducing the speed of the Internet is in conflict with economic progress, emphasized that restrictions have never led to progress.

Referring to the problems caused by internet disruptions for stock and stock market transactions, he said: A large part of stock transfers in the country is done via the internet, and stock market transactions have become difficult due to the slow down of the internet speed, and all these cases are among The backward factors are considered in the progress and development of the country.

Babak Abedin emphasized that reducing the speed of the Internet is not beneficial for the development of the country and stated: other countries are looking for the development of 5G Internet, but in Iran, the government is looking to limit the speed of data transmission in the majority of plans such as the protection plan and If we consider the reduction of internet speed in the simple strategic matrix, we will weigh the threats and opportunities and the weak and strong points of this plan, we will realize that it is not in the interest of the economy and the development of the country.

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