The SMS delivery message changes in the Android messaging application


Google has proven many times that it does not want to do anything less for its RCS messenger application, i.e. Messages, and adds all kinds of features to it; Even when the rival company, Apple, says that the life of such messengers is over.

A few days ago, we discussed the new features added to Messages in an article and mentioned that Google not only added new and diverse features to this application, but also changed its icon to attract more attention to its users. . Now, in the latest changes added to this messenger, Google is testing the new delivery message.


This delivery message, which we may have seen before in the WhatsApp application, shows the SMS sender that his message has been sent, delivered and read. Until now, all these events were reported to users through messages such as “Sending”, “Sent” and “Read”.

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As you can see in the picture, from now on all these messages will be displayed with icons. In addition, a lock icon can be seen next to them, which shows that all text messages are encrypted. One tick in the circle means that the message has been sent, two ticks in two circles mean that the message has been delivered, and when these circles turn green, it means that your contact has read your message.

Messenger delivery message

In group chats, instead of displaying the read icon, a specific address of people who have seen the message will be displayed, or finally the message Read by all will be displayed.

It has already been mentioned that the same system was previously seen in messengers such as WhatsApp and Signal. Of course, this new feature is implemented as a test in the Messages application, but we may see its widespread release in the near future. Users who have access to the beta version of the application have confirmed the addition of this new feature, and those interested can also try it by accessing this version.

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