The senior manager of Apple’s electric car project joined the rival team of this company


Apple’s electric car development program, which is often referred to as Project Titan; It has undergone some serious changes. After the American company was on the verge of canceling this project; Now, he is busy forming an experienced team again, and now the electric car mentioned by Apple is once again on the path of development and production. Meanwhile, many new faces have joined the project and some of them are leaving this team.

Mark Gorman; Bloomberg newspaper reporter claims that Jonathan Siew; The person in charge of car design and hardware engineering has left Apple. He is considered one of the senior managers of Apple and previously worked in BMW, Tesla and Waymo companies. Despite this failure, work on Project Titan continues. Apple has continuously added new members to its team, and the departure of a number of employees from this company is not at all an unusual phenomenon.


Although it seems that Apple has had a challenge in retaining its senior executives; But the nature of the electric car market means that demand for skilled engineers and managers is high, and competitors are offering big bonuses to ensure they attract top talent.

This time, Apple is the loser and the American car company Rivian is the winner. Mr. Siu has confirmed that he will cooperate with this American company that manufactures electric trucks in the field of car layout and ergonomics of Rivian’s future production models. He will work as the new senior vice president of architecture and vehicle mechanics integration unit.

Today, the value of the shares of the American company Rivian is decreasing

Rivian company is personally facing difficult conditions and recently issued a recall order for all the cars it has produced until today. Based on this, nearly 13,000 Amazon electric trucks and vans should be inspected for possible problems in the front suspension and steering system.

Today, the market is going through difficult conditions. The shares of most automobile companies are falling, and among them, Rivian is still the leader with a 10% drop in the value of its shares.

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