The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera will have advanced image stabilization


Samsung’s most exciting phones for 2022 have been out for a few months now. So now Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming smartphones of this brand. Recently, many rumors have been published about the Galaxy S23 family phones, and a significant part of them are focused on the top model of this series, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Now, thanks to a new rumor, it looks like the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with a camera with an advanced stabilization mode (Ultra Stabilization).

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will use the same repeated tricks as Apple. In fact, this smartphone is expected to be similar to the Galaxy S22. It seems that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be a carbon copy of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Recently leaked details about the Galaxy S23 Ultra are very limited; But they are provided by a reliable whistleblower named Ricciolo. By publishing a brief and useful tweet, he announced that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with Ultra Stabilization. Based on the content of the mentioned tweet, it seems that this feature will probably only be available in the more expensive Ultra model. Providing such a feature in the cheaper models of the Galaxy S23 family, although it is a bit unlikely; But it is still not unexpected.

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Undoubtedly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with the most advanced set of camera features. In terms of location, these cameras will probably be placed in the same position as the sensors of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Ultra Stabilization feature, as its name suggests; It allows for very smooth video recording. This feature helps users to access the gimbal effect while holding the phone. Such a feature would be great for flat surfaces.

However, a review of smartphone cameras shows that smoother performance of the stabilizer will equate to lower resolution. Smartphone cameras usually use videos with a resolution of 1080p or lower in order to achieve very high stabilization capabilities. Now that mobile phones are capable of recording 4K and 8K videos; This scenario seems somewhat shameful.

However, 2023 will be a new year with a new Snapdragon chip. Therefore, it is not yet clear whether it will be possible to stabilize videos with higher resolution if the Ultra Stabilization mode is released.

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