The sales of Apple iPhones in China reached 380 million units during the last 10 years


Apple iPhones were born 15 years ago, and during this time, the Cupertino giant has launched a total of 34 different iPhone models. Since the release of the first iPhone generation in 2007 to the release of the iPhone 13 series in 2021, these handsets have seen significant changes.

According to the statistics published by the media, the sales of 34 iPhone models in China during the last 10 years have reached a total of 380 million units. This actually represents a great achievement for the Cupertino giant.


Apple has released 34 different iPhone models to the market, and among them, Chinese users are very interested in iPhone 6.

The transfer rate of Apple iPhones in China during 2011 was equal to 10.03 million units. This number reached 23.82 million devices in 2012 and its growing trend continued in the coming years and the number of Apple handsets sold in 2015 reached 58.38 million units. The reason iPhone sales peaked in 2015 was because the iPhone 6 turned out to be very successful, at least in terms of sales.

Subsequently, iPhone sales in the Chinese market began to decline slowly and reached 27.5 million units in 2019. But since then, iPhone sales have seen rapid growth once again; As far as the amount of iPhone transfers in 2020 and 2021 reached 34.4 and 50.4 million devices, respectively. Of course, the sudden increase in the total price is one of the most important factors in the increase in iPhone sales over the past 2 years.

In the context of global inflation, flagship Android smartphones have seen price increases one after the other, and now their prices have reached almost the same level as Apple’s iPhones. Therefore, sales of Apple handsets have increased naturally. Considering the current state of the market, it is expected that the future models of the Apple iPhone 14 series will also be well received.

The sale of Apple iPhones in the recent festival in China was very impressive and according to estimates, approximately 14 million smartphones were sold during the annual trade fair in China. While more than half of them belonged to Apple iPhones. Apple’s performance in the past years’ festivals in China has also been appropriate. However, according to reports, the American company managed to sell a total of 7 million iPhones at this year’s festival in China.

Xiaomi is in second place after Apple and has a 30% share of the market. The share of this Chinese company was equal to 32% last year. The Honor brand recently unveiled the new Honor 70 series. This brand now controls 10% of the Chinese market. This figure has increased compared to the company’s 6% share in 2021.

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