The sale of European stock laptops has boomed in cyber space



Mohammad Reza Farji Tehrani, the head of Tehran Computer Technicians Union, announced: Second-hand European laptops enter the country through the UAE and are sold online.

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Referring to the boom in the sale of second-hand laptops and European smuggling into the country, the head of the Tehran Computer Technicians Union said that these types of laptops are mostly sold on Instagram pages or Telegram channels.


Regarding the boom in second-hand laptop market in Iran, he said: The reason for the boom in second-hand laptop smuggling to Iran is the increase in customs duties, the total cost of importing these laptop models is about eight to 15 percent cheaper than the goods that enter the country officially. . Also, due to the decrease in prices, people’s desire to buy used laptops has increased.

Mohammad Reza Farji Tehrani advised the buyers that all European laptops are smuggled, but they are sold in a new condition. He suggested that people should prefer buying laptops with warranty from reputable stores to buying stock laptops.

The head of Tehran Computer Technicians Union stated: In the Complaint Commission of Computer Technicians Union, people’s requests to buy stock laptops have increased, because part of this product was defective or burnt when it reached the consumer and now it doesn’t work.

Referring to the Union’s plan to prevent contraband goods, Faraji said: The Union of Technologists has repeatedly warned the officials about the unofficial import of European stock laptops, but the lack of attention to this issue has caused the sale of these goods in cyberspace.

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