The Russian Yandex search engine was unfiltered in Iran


After the agreements made by the Minister of Communications in Russia, Yandex search engine was unfiltered in Iran.

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The Minister of Communications has traveled to Russia since last week with a delegation consisting of several Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Communications and representatives of 26 companies in the field of communications and information technology and held negotiations with the Russian authorities regarding the increase of bilateral cooperation in the field of hardware, software and knowledge-based products. Is.


Regarding this trip, Zarepour said: In Iran, we have powerful native platforms in various fields that our people use, platforms that are active in various fields from e-commerce to passenger transportation, buying and selling, insurance, and digital services in general. And they have created a very good capacity in the country. There are good native platforms in Russia as well, and we announced our readiness to provide the basis for Iranian and Russian platforms to operate in the two countries.

After these words, the Russian search engine Yandex, which is considered the eighth search engine in terms of the number of users in the world and was previously blocked in Iran, was unfiltered.

This happened while the SafeSearch function was recently activated on Google searches in Iran, and in fact, at the same time as Google was restricted, we saw the removal of Yandex restrictions.

It seems that in order to implement the protection plan and find platforms that are willing to provide services according to Iran’s laws, Yandex is supposed to replace Google, which is what the Minister of Communications was looking for in his recent trip to Russia.

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