The role of mathematics in the construction of the world of creation; Everything you need to know


Mathematics has always been one of the most important subjects in university and school. But many people still do not know the reason for learning mathematics. I myself have always been one of those people whose math grades were good, and whatever others were unhappy with this course, I liked it more. But even though I was very interested in mathematics, when I went to university, I realized how useful this subject is. Mathematics is the basis and principles of technical and engineering university courses, and without knowing mathematics, it is not possible to learn many important courses.

Some time ago, I was watching a behind-the-scenes documentary of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. It was very interesting that in this documentary, the narrator stated that Navier-Stokes equations were used to simulate the vortex, waves and scenes related to the sea in general. Navier-Stokes equations were a series of important equations in the course of fluids that investigated the movement of fluids such as water. These equations have been used not only in the industry, even in the art of cinema!!


I gave this example to say that every lesson that was taught to us in school or university must have had a reason and was used in our life and work. That’s why we decided in this article about Application of mathematics in life talk. Stay with us.

15 applications and roles of mathematics in life and the world of creation

As we said, math has an important impact on work and professional life; But it does not mean that it cannot be used in everyday life. Mathematics is used in every moment of our life. Whether counting, taking statistics from a series of numbers or even checking the possibilities. In the following, a few cases of Application of mathematics in everyday life We will check together.

1. Cooking and the application of mathematics in the kitchen

One of the applications of mathematics in life is in the kitchen and cooking. When you want to cook delicious food, you must measure the necessary ingredients accurately and prepare the food with it. If each of the ingredients is not used in sufficient quantity, the food may not come out well. That’s why it’s better to strengthen your math to use food properly.

2. Application of mathematics in gardening

To take care of plants and gardening, you need to know math well. Because the distance between the seeds or seedlings that you plant, the amount of water needed and the time interval between watering, need a lot of precision. If you are careless in these cases, the plants may die or, in the best case, do not have enough freshness and beauty.

3. Application of mathematics in life and art

Application of mathematics in different jobs It’s really interesting. For example, artists must also know some math. It is true that art comes from the understanding and feeling of the artist, but it also needs mathematical calculations. For example, a person who designs a dress and prepares a sewing pattern must use the measurements precisely in order to sew a clean and stylish dress. Photography, painting, sculpture and many other arts also need mathematical calculations.

4. Banking and mathematical application in business

Banking, Application of mathematics in life is showing. Imagine a person who wants to work behind the counter of a bank and does not know anything about math, most likely there will be problems for him. In general, math is used a lot in banking because of dealing with money and financial resources.

5. Having a party and using math in life

When we want to hold a party, we must know the exact number of guests, each person’s contribution to preparing food, the number of seats, food and catering dishes, etc., in order to host properly. Even how long the party lasts, what time it starts and how long it lasts, needs to be calculated.

6. Home decoration and mathematical application

One of the professions that directly deals with mathematics is architecture, of which decoration design is considered one of its branches. Of course, we need mathematical calculations to design the decoration of a shop, store, office or home. Even when we want to buy the right equipment for the environment, we must consider the size of the environment and the dimensions of the equipment. Therefore, we have to consider mathematical calculations.

7. Statistics and its application in life

Many public or private organizations use statistics, which is one of the main branches of mathematics. Because they want to identify and measure people’s needs and solve their problems. If marketing companies couldn’t use math, they wouldn’t understand people’s needs and wants and couldn’t find a solution for it. Companies must have a correct understanding of statistics and use them to produce products and provide services.

8. Application of mathematics in life and business

One of the main applications of mathematics is in sales, marketing and most importantly business. A person who starts his own business has to do a lot of calculations for employee salaries, initial capital, fixed and current costs. Therefore, he must have a correct understanding of mathematics.

How many so far? Application of mathematics in life We checked In the following, we will examine together the application and existence of mathematical phenomena in the world of creation.

9. The beautiful role of geometry and mathematics in sunflower seeds

If you look at sunflower seeds, you will see a wonderful order in them. Scientists say that the growth of seeds in sunflowers from the center outwards is based on the pattern of Fibonacci numbers. According to their research, the ratio of the diameter of each spiral to the next spiral is 1.618, and it is interesting that this pattern has also been seen in sunflower seeds and many leaves, petals and seeds.

Scientists say that the reason sunflower and other plants follow this pattern is that it has a special function. For example, if the angle of each seed with the other seed is an obtuse number – which it is – the maximum number of sunflower seeds can be in a certain level.

The phi number, or the golden ratio, is the most mysterious number that has a close relationship with the Fibonacci sequence. The same application of the Fibonacci sequence in nature makes it reach the maximum and optimal number in different fields – like the same number of sunflower seeds.

10. The importance of mathematics in the beauty of the human face

The beauty of human faces is an example Application of mathematics in the human body Is. In the human face, patterns of mathematical symmetry and the golden ratio have been used. It is interesting that the conducted studies say that when symmetry and golden proportion appear in the parts of the face, the attractiveness and beauty of the face increases.

Even a beautiful smile depends on this ratio. When the front teeth are 1.618 times larger than the side teeth and these teeth are 1.618 times larger than the canines, we will have a more beautiful smile.

11. Tree branches and mathematical application

Another application and manifestation of the sequence of Fibonacci numbers in nature is in the growth and division of tree branches. When a tree grows and produces branches, there are usually two growing points. In this case, the main trunk produces another branch and the number of growth points becomes three. Then, two more spots will grow on the trunk and the first branch, and the growth spots will be five spots. These numbers are the same pattern as the Fibonacci number sequence. It is very interesting that the growth of tree branches is very regular and they never grow out of order.

All this application of mathematics is not enough?

The application of mathematics in nature and life is so fascinating that if we continue this list, you will still follow it. Mathematics is used in all aspects of life and learning it is essential. On the other Math application for students And students are also very important.

Now that we know the importance of math, we should think about learning it, and by the way, learning math is very interesting. The key to studying and learning mathematics is to solve the problem. In order to be able to solve the problems, you need to practice and repeat a lot and most importantly, have a good teacher. Mathematics is a subject, you must learn its concepts and topics in order to understand its beauty. Since learning mathematical topics is sequential and connected, the best suggestion is to use Math tutor class is.

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