The result of a survey: younger people are more interested in cryptocurrencies


A new survey released by Bank of America shows that young Americans between the ages of 21 and 42 are more interested in holding cryptocurrencies in their accounts than anyone over that age, 7.5 times more likely than investors over 43. Year.

These people are also less interested in participating in stocks than older investors and only consider cryptocurrencies and other alternative investments as their first choice.


Alternative investment means any type of capital except stocks, bonds and cash, it is said that this type of investment is considered among the most popular in recent years, because the stock market is very risky for many investors, and bank savings in western countries It has a lower interest rate than the inflation rate.

Although crypto usage is not very high, younger people are 7.5 times more likely to keep it in their account and five times more likely to understand it.

It turns out that social media is the most popular place to find information about this. Half of young adults turn to social media for information, compared to 30 percent of older adults, according to a BofA survey.

These people believe that it is not possible to achieve higher than average returns with stocks and bonds. They use private equity, commodities, real estate and digital currencies to raise their capital.

This information was released based on the responses of 1,052 Americans in the Private Bank of America survey in 2022.

Bank of America has previously been interested in cryptocurrencies on a corporate level and was also known as an investor in the Pexos blockchain infrastructure Series D. At In 2021, this bank was able to make news with its first investment in digital currency.

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