The restriction imposed on Google is the will of the families



Ais Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, addressed a group of reporters on the sidelines of the government board meeting and said about the restriction announced on Google: The restriction applied is only for sexual and violent content and nothing else.

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Last week, a number of users announced that their Google search results have been limited, the story is that users have accessed restricted or so-called Safe content in their Google search, which is used to manage children’s Internet.


Safe search mode is for when a child uses the Internet, and as a result, many unethical or inappropriate content for children will not be displayed on Google. A number of experts in this field announced that Iranian search IPs reach the origin of search engines by changing, thus Iranian users have limited access to Google search results.

Now, the Minister of Communications confirmed the news that a restriction has been imposed on the access of users as a result of searching on the Internet, and announced that this was the request of the families.

On the sidelines of the meeting of the government delegation, the Minister of Communications said to a question about the limited SafeSearch feature applied to Google: One of the serious concerns of Iranian families is the restriction of access to some contents that are also prohibited in the country. Together with the operators, we have made it possible to restrict only the access to pornographic, immoral content with extreme violence by search platforms through telecom operators. There is no child lock issue, no other restrictions have been placed on search engines.

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