The report of the year 1400 “Devar” tells about the booming car market


The success of pejuparse riders, the star of farmers is declining

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In 1400, the daily increase in the price of Pride was alarming and at the same time astonishing. Every morning when we woke up, new news arrived that Pride has become 10 or 15 million more expensive than yesterday. In fact, the price of Pride was not only the money that had to be paid for the cost of buying a car, but it was the most important measure and the most tangible indicator and thermometer of the country’s economic situation. A measure that showed the rate of inflation faster and more familiar than any other.

Anyone who wanted to talk about excessive inflation and skyrocketing prices would first talk about Pride and say, “When Pride becomes 190 million, what do you expect?” Or the price of Pride was judged on the expensiveness of other items. A review of user search statistics on the wall application shows that pride was the most frequent keyword in the year 1400 with more than 24 million and 600 thousand searches on the wall.


The interesting thing is that the number of searches for the word Pride was about nine and a half times the number of Pride advertisements in 1400. The number of Pride ads last year was more than 2,500,000. It’s as if people were looking for the price of Pride indirectly to know the inflation rate and compare the increase of other items.

Let’s not forget this point, despite all these dizzying price increases, Pride is still the most accessible and handy car for passengers. With the stagnation of many businesses in the past years, making a living through the transportation of passengers with Pride was one of the first choices of unemployed people and jobs from the data floor.

In 2019, after the sofa, Ham Pride was at the top of searches in the wall application and after the word sofa, it was at the top of the searched words. The results of the surveys show us that the most searched words were almost the same in both 2019 and 2019. In the last year, sofa, pride, phone, bicycle, gold, motor, tractor and carpet were the most searched words on the wall, and these words are among the most frequent words in the search bar of the wall in 1400, with a slight change in precedence and lateness, except for two words. one of which has moved down from the top of the list: “Tractor” and the other has moved up from the bottom of the list: “Peugeot Pars.”

Peugeot Pars has a slightly different story; Of course, this story is also related to the dire economic situation of the country, but with a different color. Peugeot Pars is one of those cars whose factory price and free sale are significantly different. The difference is almost double. If you are one of the lucky ones whose name appears in the Iran Khodro lottery, you can sell your Peugeot Pars with a double profit and earn good money in this way. The year 1400, which was one of the most difficult economic years, had many applicants to register for the lottery of this car. Users wrote many times about their experience that in the first seconds of opening the lottery site, the capacity was filled and they failed to register. All this demand was a sign of people’s thirst for profit that could be obtained in this way. Therefore, it is not surprising that the search for the word pejupars has made its way to one of the top 10 words in the search for the wall. The significant difference in the price of the car in pre-sale and super sale is very tempting and traders have worked well on this temptation and have made good money from the purchase and sale of remittance and points of pre-sold cars, which by the way is also declared a crime. Not even a crumb can be taken; In this turbulent and insecure market, everyone tries to increase their savings and worry less about the future in any way they can.

Tractor is still one of the most frequent words, but it has dropped from the seventh position to the sixteenth position.

The decline in the ranking of Tractor in Search of the Wall in 1400, as one of the most important lifestyle-related platforms whose output statistics and figures are reliable, is a remarkable thing: the decline of agriculture, people’s willingness to make a profit through buying and selling cars, the impact The directness of car brokerage on the change of earning methods is the most important points that can be understood from the analysis of this data.

It seems that, relying on the data of Dewar site, car manufacturers should consider ways to supply cars so that the wheel of production and agriculture does not stop turning with all the pains and sufferings that come with them, and the circulating capital in these two sectors, the desire to Do not enter the car dealer market.

Refer to this link to read the complete information of the 1400 wall report.

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