The redesigned Sony PlayStation 5 model will be introduced on September 24


Previously published reports showed that a new version of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console with the catalog number CFI-1200 has been sold in the Australian market. Further, it was found that this product is significantly lighter compared to other versions of the console. However, the performed autopsies show that the changes applied to the new model are much more than expected.

Now the PlayStation 5 console has 3 different versions with the identifiers CFI-1100, CF-1000 and CFI-1200. The CFI-1000 is the original model with an optical drive. The ID CFI-1100 belongs to the original model without an optical drive, and the CFI-1200 is the console sold in the Australian market without an optical drive.


A user named Austin Evans has dissected all the above 3 models and compared them with each other. CFI-1000 and CFI-1100 models have practically no difference from each other (the only difference between these 2 models is related to the presence or absence of an optical drive); But the CFI-1200 model will probably be a completely different device. This device is equipped with a smaller motherboard, a more compact cooling system, differently molded plastic panels and even a CMOS battery installation using a new method. Now, in order to access this battery, the components of the console must be completely separated from each other.

The CFI-1200 model is equipped with a heat pipe with a heatsink on the back panel of the motherboard. This issue probably allows the main block of the cooling system to be drained from the other side. The total weight of the cooling system and motherboard in the CFI-1200 model is 1135 grams. This figure is about 450 grams lighter compared to the weight of the motherboard and the cooling system of the CFI-1000 and CFI-1100 models.

Sony’s innovations have not only reduced the weight of the console; It has also optimized its electricity consumption. When playing Astro’s Playroom by the CFI-1100, CFI-1000 and CFI-1200 models, the power consumption was 218, 229 and 201 watts, respectively.

Copper tube with a dedicated heatsink on the back of the motherboard

Saving energy consumption is quite evident; With the explanation that the amount of noise and heat produced by all devices was almost the same. Sony hasn’t officially unveiled its CFI-1200 console yet (even though it’s already on sale). According to some speculations, while holding the event on September 15 (September 24), Sony will probably talk about the new model of the PS5 console.

Yesterday, the Japanese giant quietly unveiled the new DualSense controller, Pulse 3D headphones and interchangeable panels for the PlayStation 5 console.

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