The redesigned Play Store makes it easier to install apps on the Galaxy Watch


Now Google is working on the optimal synchronization of different devices in its ecosystem. In line with the implementation of this program, the search giant has now added a new tab called “Other Devices” to its Play Store. This feature allows users to search for apps for smart watches, TVs, and cars directly from their mobile phones.

With the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung stopped using the Tizen operating system and instead used Google’s new platform known as Wear OS. This means that all Samsung smartwatches that were released after this date; They are equipped with polyester. Also, users have access to the option to search and install apps on the Galaxy smartwatch directly through their smartphone.


However, searching for apps for a smart watch or TV on a smartphone will require a bit of scrolling through the Play Store. Google has made it easier to do this by redesigning the Play Store. Now the website 9To5Google has noticed the existence of a new tab in the Play Store called “Other Devices”. By clicking on this tab, 3 watch, TV and Car sub-sections will appear in front of the user.

Each of these 3 tabs represent programs that are developed for a specific type of device. Apps are also classified into 9 different groups, one for each device type, making it easier to search for popular apps. The redesign of the Play Store allows users to directly search for Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5 apps on their smartphones instead of searching for apps for all kinds of devices.

The public release of the updated version of Google Play Store has already started. However, the time to access the redesigned version of this program varies depending on the smartphone model and the user’s area of ​​residence, and it will take some time to receive it on all handsets.

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