The processing power of Tesla’s microchips will surpass the human brain by 2033


The American company Tesla is the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. Currently, each Tesla car uses multiple chips and microchips with high processing power. However, if the recently published reports are true, it seems that the processing power of Tesla microchips will reach its highest level in the next few years.

According to recent reports, the results of a study conducted by Vanarama, a car and van rental company, show that by 2033, Tesla’s smart cars will be smarter than humans. The Vanarama Institute has analyzed the processing power of Tesla’s microchips, and the results show that the American company’s microchips will surpass the human brain (with the ability to perform 1 quadrillion computing operations per second) within the next 11 years. Also, Tesla’s D1 chip is about 30 times more powerful compared to the sample used 6 years ago. This phenomenon shows that the process of growth and development of Tesla chips continues continuously.


The development process of Tesla’s microchips is continuously progressing

Tesla unveiled its own training chip based on neural networks called D1 at the Artificial Intelligence Day event last year. This chip has 1 transistor and 354 training nodes, and the length of its internal circuit alone is equal to 17.7 km. Using such a combination allows the device to achieve extremely high computing power and bandwidth.

Elon Musk; The CEO of Tesla announced in early June 2022 that the second Artificial Intelligence Day event has been postponed from August 19 (August 28) to September 30 (October 8). During this event, the American company will probably release the prototype of its humanoid robot called Optimus Prime. Mr. Musk claimed in mid-August that Tesla’s humanoid robots could be made cheaper than cars in the future. He also noted that the height and weight of this robot will be close to an adult person. This robot can carry heavy objects and walk fast with its small steps. The display embedded on the face of this robot is used as an interactive interface to communicate with people.

Elon Musk previously announced on Twitter that the purpose of Tesla’s AI Day event is to convince top talent in the field of artificial intelligence, software or super-efficient chips to join Tesla.

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