The price of the Galaxy S22 series was revealed once again


Samsung unveils the series of Galaxy S22 on February 9 (Wednesday next week). But this short distance does not prevent the release of new details about these products and now witness the revelation Price of Galaxy S22 series. We are where, contrary to previous rumors, there is no news of an increase.

According to reports, Samsung is making many improvements to the Galaxy S22 series; From improving the build quality (using glass on the back panel of the standard model) to a higher quality camera and More powerful chip. We also expect the Galaxy S22 Ultra to be the same as the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra with a different name, because in addition to the similar design of the Note 20 Ultra, it has a special storage space. S Pen It also benefits. But what effect will all these developments have on their pricing?

Price of Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Due to the improvements and improvements that this family of Samsung phones provide to the users, many are waiting for their price to increase, and of course, some rumors in the past have confirmed the same thing. However, a reputable source in the world of technology called “John Praser” in his latest video by announcing the price of Samsung’s future flagships, has eased the minds of users.


The prices announced by Praser are different from the previous generation, the series Galaxy S21 does not have. The price of the base version of the Galaxy S22 series phones, according to Prosser, is as follows:

  • Galaxy S22: Price $ 799
  • Galaxy S22 Plus: Price $ 999
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: Price $ 1199
Price of Galaxy S22 series

For comparison, let’s take a look at Price of Galaxy S21 family In the United States have:

  • Galaxy S21 with 128 GB of internal storage: $ 799
  • Galaxy S21 with 2567 GB of internal storage: $ 849
  • Galaxy S21 Plus with 128 GB of internal storage: $ 999
  • Galaxy S21 Plus with 256 GB of internal storage: $ 1049
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra with 128 GB of internal memory: $ 1199
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra with 256 GB of internal storage: $ 1249
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra with 512 GB of internal memory: $ 1379

Given that Samsung is considering many improvements to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as well as offering the S Pen by default, the lack of price increases compared to the previous generation is promising news for users. The Koreans probably want fans of the series with this strategy Galaxy Note Absorb. Everything will be officially announced next week.


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