The phone numbers of fixed and credit subscribers with debt are discharged


Pima Qaradaghi, director general of regulatory consumer rights protection, said: If the landline and mobile phone subscribers do not pay their debt by the due date, their line will be drained.

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Stating that landline and mobile phone lines are subject to periodic monthly fees such as subscription fees, regardless of whether they are used or not, Qaradaghi said: if the subscriber does not pay this bill, the operator can, after implementing the process foreseen in Resolution 207-3 of the Communications Regulatory Commission to take measures to empty the lines of debtor subscribers.


The Director General of Regulatory Consumer Protection in explaining the Resolution 207-3 of the Communications Regulatory Commission said: According to this resolution, landline and mobile phone operators can issue bills to subscribers at intervals of at least one month with a payment deadline, and after the payment deadline expires first, disconnect the debtor subscriber’s line for at least two weeks, and if the subscriber does not pay his debt after notifying the operator again and sending a written warning and a one-year deadline, the operator can completely drain and collect the subscriber’s telephone line and point take it away from the subscriber.

Regarding the issue that some subscribers may not have received the bill, he clarified: those subscribers who have not received their phone bill for any reason, should refer to the internet portal or one of its payment portals within the set deadline. take action

Qaradaghi noted that those users who have high consumption can pay a sum to the operator so that their lines will not be blocked due to operating above the set ceiling.

He clarified: In order to speed up bill payment, update and follow up on possible payment discrepancies, subscribers can pay their line bills directly from the relevant operator’s portals.

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