The number of satellites in the earth’s orbit will reach 70 thousand in the next 10 years


It is expected that by 2032, about 70,000 spacecraft will be placed in Earth’s orbit. Sergey Bov; The chief designer of the missile attack warning system and the CEO of Vympel IAC Institute spoke in this context while talking to the Army-2022 forum.

He also explained: “The population density of space objects is increasing and this significantly increases the risk of accumulation and collision. Now the United States, European Union member states, China and India are announcing the creation of their own supergroups consisting of hundreds or even thousands of satellite devices. According to our predictions, in the next 10 years, the constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit can increase to 70 thousand active spacecraft.


Mr. Bouff noted that such a number of active satellites would lead to the creation of a large amount of space debris, which would greatly complicate the situation. He further added: “All these things must be under control. Therefore, improving the capabilities of the indigenous space control system, increasing domestic space waste, producing small spacecraft and space control tools, and improving the ability to exchange information with other systems seems essential.”

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