The notice of the CEO of the first companion to the Minister of Communications regarding the development of the fiber optic project


Mehdi Akhwan Bhabadi, the CEO of Iran Mobile Communications Company (Part 1) at the opening ceremony of the country’s communications and information technology projects in the government week, which was held in the presence of the Minister of Communications, said about the fiber optic development project of the Ministry of Communications: “The fiber optic project is not quick and will take several years.” It kills people to taste the taste of high-speed internet.

In this ceremony, Bhabadi emphasized: In the new government, the Minister of Communications will take this project under his belt and move forward, but this project is not quick and it will take several years for people to taste the technology, this project is permanent and basic.


He continued: I noticed that there is a difference of opinion on the number of fiber optic ports set up, this difference is because people still do not have a sense of this technology and the people who use it are very few, while the volume and coverage has a lot

The CEO of Hambal Al suggested to the Minister of Communications that in addition to the implementation of infrastructure projects that are effective in the long term, short-term plans should also be considered for the subscribers and immediate measures should be taken to develop access speed in the short term.

The balance of fixed and mobile network traffic is not established

He believes that a plan should be devised to establish a balance between fixed and mobile network traffic, because if there is no thought for this matter in this transition period, subscribers will be under pressure.

Akhwan Bahabadi continued by giving explanations regarding the development of the country’s mobile network by the first mobile network and said: Last year, the first mobile network invested 14 thousand billion tomans and the year before that 11 thousand billion tomans for the development of the network, which is equivalent to 50% of the income of this operator.

Referring to some problems of the operators to finance their investments, he said: about 40 to 50 percent of the operator’s income is spent on investment costs, and it will continue with bank debt for a while, but with the occurrence of something like Corona, if the investment measures had not been taken in time, the country It collapsed because there was no investment opportunity during the crisis.

Bhabadi clarified: Operators should have 40% free capacity for emergencies like Corona, but in this situation, all investment blocks should be used.

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