The next generation of hardware will be more secure


AMD, Google, Microsoft and Nvidia recently collaborated with Linux and the Open Computing Project (OCP). These companies would like to produce Caliptra or a reusable silicon IP block. This can be a standard solution to increase the profit of this industry.

Calyptra can be used with a variety of CPUs, SoCs, GPUs, NICs, SSDs and other hardware components in the future. The security of the ROT method is such that only the operating system that the device guarantees can be installed on it.


It has been said that this method can increase the security of the business that has just started and the existing cloud space has also been created to increase the security levels.

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What does this mean for users?

The new Calyptra piece can be very serious for this industry, but it must be said that Intel is not on the list of sponsors.

Ashish Nadkarni, group vice president and general manager of IDC’s global infrastructure, said these hardware and software initiatives require significant industry efforts. Sellers should produce the required parts or hardware after considering the market needs.

The vice president of the group also added that the extensive cooperation between the Open Computing Project and the Linux Foundation can accelerate the production of new technologies and bring new products to the market. The initial code of this technology has been sent to members so that they can get the new part more safely.

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