The new version of Android 13 Go is heavier than the previous versions


According to Google, more than 250 million devices that people use every month; They are equipped with Android Go operating system. This version of Android is provided for the use of phones with limited RAM and internal memory.

Yesterday, Google unveiled the new version of this operating system called Android 13 Go. However, we now know that running this operating system will require more power than previous versions of Android Go.


Android 13 Go Edition is designed based on the latest version of Google’s main mobile operating system and includes a version of the Material You system. This system allows users to choose one of 4 proposed color schemes depending on the background image of their handset.

The Material You design language was initially introduced by Google as one of the features of Android 12; Although this feature was not available in Android 12 Go Edition. Also, the search giant mentioned the use of more attractive animations in its advertisements.

However, the newly published post by Google about Android 13 Go does not mention these things. In fact, these features can be used on the handsets for which Android 13 Go is designed; Apply additional pressure.

Also, the new version of the Google mobile platform includes a simplified system for Google Play updates. According to Google, this issue helps users to keep their phone updated without taking up a lot of memory space and benefit from new features and security patches without needing to receive a full phone update.

Android 13 Go users can benefit from customization features even despite the hardware limitations of their handsets.

Also, Android 13 Go includes features from the regular version of Android 13, including notification permissions and the ability to change the language used by each application.

According to Google, new phones with Android 13 Go operating system will be launched in 2023. This issue carries an important point; Because many Android Go users will probably have to upgrade their handset hardware to get the new version of this operating system.

Despite the announcement of the Android Go website, the new version of this operating system cannot be used for phones with RAM memory less than 2 GB.

Google has announced years ago that this operating system was introduced for smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM. Mishaal Rahman; The editor of Esper claims that Android 13 Go Edition will require at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

This represents a significant jump from the hardware requirements of Android 11 Go and Android 12 Go; Platforms that required at least 1 GB of RAM to run. Therefore, the handsets that intend to use the new version of Android Go; They should be a little more powerful for proper management of this platform.

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