The new update of Google Meet provides the possibility of converting the audio of meetings to text


Google recently held its Cloud Next 22 event. During the event, the search giant unveiled some new features for its popular voice and video calling service.

Now Google Meet calls can be transcribed as text and users will be able to save them in Google Doc format. The company has mentioned this issue through the publication of a Workspace blog post. Also, the saved file can be viewed through Google Drive.


After replacing the Google Duo application with Google Mate for Android and iOS devices, the Mate application became one of the most popular titles offered by Google. However, the company has announced that the new feature in Google Meet is only available for desktop and laptop customers and only for English language. According to Google, users can save the transcribed file in the “Meeting Recordings” folder of the Google Meet application and in the Google Drive cloud.

Before participants join a Google Meet call, they are notified that the call is being transcribed. These transcripts are intended to capture the discussion of the meeting and serve as a record. Also, when the participants or the host wish to follow up or recall a particular point of the entire discussion; The mentioned feature will be useful.

According to reports, meetings with about 200 invitees, including meeting hosts, co-hosts and speech-to-text initiators, all receive a link to the transcribed file in their respective emails. Another cool feature is that the transcript will be automatically attached to the calendar of the meeting invitation. Also, for meetings with more than 200 participants, the transcribed file with meeting organizers, hosts, co-hosts and users who issued the command to start transcription; is shared.

Google has announced that if users often participate in repetitive sessions; New transcription documents are created with the calendar invitation. The transcription feature is enabled by default and can be configured at the group, domain, or OU levels. Users with a teaching license in the Google WorkSpace Education collection can activate this feature; While such an action will not be possible for users with a student license.

According to predictions, this new feature will be launched on October 24. The feature will be available for Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers. Users of personal Google accounts and other Workspace users are not eligible to use this new feature.

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