The new professional Xbox from the Elite 2 family has been introduced!


Xbox has unveiled its new professional category called Xbox Elite 2 Core. With IT provider Follow the details of this news.

If you can afford them, Xbox Elite controllers are a great upgrade over standard Xbox controllers and are among the best on the market due to their many extra features with a professional gaming focus. Their only problem is their price. If you can’t spend nearly $200 on a controller, maybe this new Core model is better for you.


Microsoft has introduced a “Core” model of its Xbox Elite 2 controller, which cuts $50 off its standard price. This price drop may not seem like much, but it’s now down to $130, just $50 more than the standard Xbox Wireless Controller.
The look and feel of the controller is exactly like the Xbox Elite 2 controller that many gamers know and love. It has thumbsticks with adjustable sensitivity and trigger lock. However, unlike the non-Core model, there are no extras in the box. Carrying case, back pedals, replacement thumbsticks or D-pad are not included in the box.

New xbox handle

That doesn’t mean you can’t apply these changes to the new bundle, as it’s the exact same Elite 2 controller sold without the extras. If you want to get these extras, you have to buy them separately. The complete pack includes a cross-shaped D-pad, a carrying case, a charging stand, a variety of thumbsticks and rear pedals.

For $60 more and buying the full pack, the Core essentially becomes the Elite 2 controller, except all add-ons are sold separately to lower the price of the controller itself.

New xbox handle

It was also said that this new Xbox console is the first member of the Elite family that you can use DesignLab for its design and various customizations. Unfortunately, this feature of Xbox, which allows you to design your own handle, is not possible in Iran.

If you want to buy this bundle, you’ll have to wait until the new white color Elite 2 Core becomes available on September 21st. The standard Elite 2 controller will still be available in black for its standard price of $180.

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