The new Google phone with the same design as the Pixel 7 Pro was released


Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones were launched in early October. However, some rumors suggest that the search giant is still preparing to produce 2 new Pixel devices. The first device is called Pixel Fold and rumors about it have been circulating for a long time; Although this product may never be officially announced by Google. The second device is the Pixel 7a, which will probably be introduced soon.

Now, a new report suggests that Google is developing an unknown high-end Pixel 7 smartphone codenamed G10. In the following, we will examine some leaked details about this product.


91mobiles website, in cooperation with Kuba Wojciechowski, has managed to identify the upcoming Google Pixel device with the code name G10. According to reports, this phone will be equipped with a screen with a height of 155 mm, a width of 71 mm and a resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels. According to rumors, the dimensions of this screen are the same as the 6.7-inch panel used in Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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Additionally, some reports suggest that the Pixel G10 will have a similar design to the Pixel 7 series. This gadget has a body with rounded corners and its display is equipped with a spherical hole in the central part. In addition, apparently, the display of this smartphone will be produced by BOE. This Chinese company is also responsible for supplying the screens required for some Apple iPhone models. In addition, this phone will use the under-display fingerprint sensor produced by Qualcomm.

Currently, very limited details have been released about Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphone. In this report, it is noted that the Pixel G10 is probably considered a prototype of a smartphone in the initial stage of its development. This model will probably be introduced before the Pixel 8 series and repeat the success of the Pixel 7 series this year. However, we will probably see the release of more details about this smartphone in the coming days.

The latest published source code of the Pixel 7 series has mentioned the code names of 2 future Google devices called Felix and Lynx. Felix refers to the Pixel Fold phone; A device that cannot be commented with certainty regarding its supply. The Lynx codename will probably belong to the Pixel 7 Ultra or the legendary Pixel 7 Mini.

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