The new Geely car will be equipped with an advanced cabin temperature adjustment feature


China Automobiles news agency recently reported that Geely plans to install a climate control system on the new car it produces. This feature allows the car to adjust the temperature inside the cabin depending on the clothes of the passengers.

To do this, a special sensor will be placed in the passenger compartment so that the car can more easily detect the presence of the driver or passengers. The camera in the car also helps this sensor to record the type of clothing of the passengers and thus adjust the temperature inside the cabin.


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If the weather changes, the condition of the passengers will be recorded by this system. The company expects to bring the cabin climate control to a higher level with this technology.

Geely has not yet decided how this system will work in the car if the clothes of the passengers are different. But the truth is that there are interesting and useful solutions that, if implemented by Geely, can bring about good changes in the market.

Geely company had registered a new technology long before these. This technology helped the driver and passengers to talk or communicate with people outside the car using the microphone and speaker without getting out of the car or rolling down the car window.

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