The National Center for Virtual Space reacted to the shutdown of the Apparat Game service


The National Center for Virtual Space reacted to the shutdown of Apparat Game service and issued an announcement on this matter, which we will discuss further.

Recently, Mohammad Javad Shakuri Moghadam, CEO of Saba Ide Holding (Owner of Aparat), announced that the activity of Aparat Game’s streaming game service will end on Friday, September 18, and said: Aparat Game started in 1996 and within 5 years with efforts Day and night, the best members of the technical team developed. Over the past year, we’ve had 71,000 unique game streamers who have produced online game content for nearly 2.4 million audiences.


Explaining the reasons behind the closure of Game Apparatus, Shakuri Moghadam said: As you know, about two months ago, Mr. Jabali, the respected head of the Broadcasting Organization at Sharif University of Technology, addressed the field of game streaming and game apparatus, and based on the reports given to him It was announced that its atmosphere is full of obscene and satanic content.

Malik Aparat explained that based on their 19 years of experience in the country’s digital ecosystem, they want to deal with this challenge in a different way. According to Shakuri, the best way is for the government to own the playground so that they can start a game streaming service on television.

Now, the National Center for Virtual Space has also reacted to this issue. This center said in an announcement: The closure of Aparat Game service due to the differences between the user-oriented live broadcast and the Aparat Game service will be investigated by the Supreme Commission for Regulation of Cyberspace.

In the year whose title is knowledge-based production, the National Center for Cyberspace, with a view of adhering to the strategic document of cyberspace and avoiding making decisions outside of this grand strategy, asked everyone to support content production and publishing platforms and internal platforms.

Emphasizing the principle of strict monitoring of content publication and adherence to laws, this center asked Game Apparat Service and Saba Idea Holding to continue providing this service to the audience until the necessary investigations are done so that the public rights of cyberspace users are not violated.

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