The most promising metaverse currencies of the crypto market + 7 top metaverse currencies


If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency market in the last year or two, you’ve undoubtedly come across Metaverse and related projects. You might even have been looking for it at some point to get into the Metaverse anyway and take advantage of it.

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Metaverse is a virtual world that, whether we like it or not, will affect all of our lives in the not-so-distant future. Metaverse has become so serious that even Facebook, the social network giant that has caused many controversies, recently decided to change the name of its company to Meta and focus on Metaverse and the development of this field.


Meanwhile, the number of Metaverse projects has increased. The metaverse, if it is to be realized in its true sense, must be developed in a completely decentralized space; For this reason, various developers in the field of digital currency leaned in this direction and many projects have emerged in this space during this time. Each of these projects has its own token. Owning Metaverse tokens in the current situation means owning a part of the shares of the Metaverse projects, because the Metaverse has not yet been realized in the literal sense.

According to various researches, in the not-so-distant future, about 25% of the world’s population will use Metaverse, therefore, considering the increasing acceptance of these projects, we can imagine a bright future for Metaverse tokens.

In this article, we decided to introduce you to the best Metaverse tokens in the market and explain a little about their behind-the-scenes project. Therefore, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of this article.

The best Metaverse tokens of the digital currency market

As we said above, with the development of the cryptocurrency market and the increasing popularity of the Metaverse concept, various projects in this field have started to work and each of them has released their token to the market. However, not all existing projects have much to do with Metaverse and its ideals, and some of them simply use the Metaverse name.

Considering the level of acceptance of cryptocurrency and the popularity of Metaverse and the virtual world, it is necessary to know the relevant projects and get enough information about them. Some of these projects are active in the field of crypto games, and others sell virtual lands and work directly with the goal of building a virtual world.

Next, we will review a list of the best Metaverse tokens together. If you would like to learn more about any of these projects, visit Damondmag.

Oxy Infinity

Oxy Infinity is perhaps the most popular crypto game. This project took 2021 by storm and literally showed that you can make money playing games.

Axy Infinity is an exciting and attractive game in which there are characters named Axies. These characters are in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs and you can play by owning them.

This game has several modes, but in general, you have to boost your oxy and fight with other players. Finally, with this, you will receive a token called SLP and you can easily sell it in various exchanges.

In addition to the SLP token, the Oxy Infinity game ecosystem has another token called AXS, which is the governing token of this game. It is worth mentioning that players can earn both AXS and SLP tokens by playing and using different tools.


Decentraland is another prominent project of Metaverse in the field of digital currency, and it has stepped into the field with the goal of digitizing the world.

The Decentraland project is one of the oldest Metaverse projects and has been operating since 5 years ago. However, the popularity of this project has increased over the last year and has become popular.

Dicentraland is a decentralized metaverse designed somewhat similar to the game Second Life, except that it runs on the blockchain platform. Dicentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain platform and provides various features so that users can interact and create their own virtual world.

In this Metaverse project, users can create various virtual assets and then buy and sell them.

In Decentraland Metaverse, plots of land can be bought and sold in the form of NFT tokens. There are a total of 90,000 pieces of land in this metaverse, and you can build and develop anything you want by buying each of them, and finally, by selling it, you can earn a lot of profit.

Like other metaverse projects in the cryptocurrency field, Decentraland also has its own tokens, each of which is created with a specific purpose. The most famous token of the Dicentraland game is Mana (MANA), which is built on the ERC-20 Ethereum standard.

Coin engine

Engin is another one of the best Metaverse tokens on the market. The Engin project was launched in 2018 on the Ethereum mainnet, but its mother project entered this field a few years ago; Therefore, Engin is one of the oldest projects in this field.

Engine is actually a gaming platform that focuses on creating obtainable elements that can be owned by users. This platform is actually designed to tokenize various items in games.

Similar to other blockchain projects, Engin has its own token called ENJ. This token is used to store the value of all items created on this platform.

My neighbor Alice

MyNeighborAlice is a popular metaverse project. Of course, this project has not yet been launched, but its definitions have attracted many activists in the field of cryptocurrency.

This game is also based on NFT tokens and has a sovereign token called ALICE. This token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard.


Sandbox is one of the other Metaverse projects. This project is a metaverse game based on Ethereum and NFTs, which has a community-oriented design and provides the possibility for its users to use their creativity and create the virtual world they want.

Sandbox has a strong team that has been engaged in making mobile and computer games for a long time. The founders of Sandbox are Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Bourget.

Sandbox has a virtual land similar to Dicenterland. Virtual lands are called Sandbox Land (LAND). These fields are actually NFT tokens where you can create and customize various items. There are a total of 166,464 plots of land in Metaverse Sandbox.

The Metaverse Sandbox project, like other projects, has its own tokens, each of which is developed with a specific purpose. Among these tokens, we can mention SAND, which is the governance token of this project. In addition, you can trade other tokens available in this metaverse.

Other tokens available in the sandbox ecosystem include ASSET tokens, GEM tokens, and CATALYST tokens. For more information, what is a sandbox article? Read from Damondmag magazine.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a blockchain metaverse that, despite the fact that the full version of the game has not yet been released and a trailer has been released, it has gained many fans, so that according to many crypto users, Star Atlas is the best blockchain game. It will be the era.

Star Atlas is a space-themed blockchain game where people team up with other players online and compete with each other. The story of the Star Atlas game takes place around 2060, and people explore space through role-playing instead of characters.

The Star Atlas game is based on the Solana network, and this has made it able to benefit from the high speed and low fees of this network.

Despite the fact that the Star Atlas metaverse has not yet been launched, the market related to this metaverse is open to users, and those interested can visit this market to purchase various items such as ships, characters, etc. or trade with other users.

Similar to other blockchain projects, Star Atlas also has its own token. In fact, the reward system of this game has been developed based on two native tokens, Atlas (ATLAS) and Polis (POLIS).


Addressside is one of the Metaverse projects that has something to say among other competitors. This project is developed by Yogalabs company. YogaLabs is the same company that developed popular NFT series such as Castle Monkey Club and Mutant Monkey Club.

Addressside Metaverse is the largest project developed on the platform of Castle Monkeys and aims to increase user interaction with NFTs. This metaverse project, like other current projects, is in the form of a game, and people can work in this metaverse using different characters.

There is not much information about the addressside metaverse. The first trial phase of this metaverse was published just a few days ago and about 4500 selected users visited this metaverse.

Like Sandbox and Decentraland, in Addressside Metaverse, virtual lands are tradable in the form of NFT tokens. Each piece of land in this ecosystem is called Otherdeeds.

As Udderside has the powerful Yoga Labs team behind it, it is expected to capture a very special share of the market after the final launch.

Block Topia

Blocktopia is a metaverse whose story takes place in a 21-story skyscraper, as a symbol of 21 million Bitcoin units. This project was created on the basis of the Paligan network and its purpose is to create a center for the education and entertainment of users and their interaction with each other.

Blocktopia Metaverse is not yet launched and is in its early stages. However, according to the light paper of this project, learning, earning, playing and creating new items will be the 4 main pillars of this metaverse. Unlike most metaverse projects, Blocktopia focuses on educating users and aims to provide a space for different users to learn about the world of crypto and blockchain technology.

The real estate in Blocktopia is in the form of NFT tokens called REBLOK and they are tradable. Also, this project has a native token called BLOK, which can be used like cash in the virtual world of Blocktopia. In addition, BLOK is also considered a governance token and its holders can participate in voting and decisions related to the blocktopia metaverse.

final word

Various projects in the field of metaverse and metaverse games operate in the world of cryptocurrencies. Although Metaverse may be far from the current games in the literal sense, these games are the first steps towards realizing the digitalization of the world and the creation of a virtual world.

By integrating various tokens and virtual reality, the metaverse industry has made its way into the crypto industry and the blockchain world, and this trend is expected to continue.

In this article, we tried to introduce you some of the best Metaverse tokens and top projects in this field and briefly explain each one. We hope this article has provided you with useful information.

In addition, if you are interested in the world of digital currencies and are looking for it to get to know this world from zero to one hundred, or even if you decide to learn to trade and earn from cryptocurrencies, be sure to DamondmagEducational blog Damond digital currency exchange Visit and use its free articles and content.

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