The Ministry of Security reduced the allowed import limit of laptops, tablets and printers to half of last year


Mohammad Reza Farji Tehrani, the head of the Tehran Computer Technologists Union, said regarding the import restrictions in the IT market: New restrictions have been imposed by the Ministry of Security, according to which importers will have to import items such as laptops, tablets and printers for half of the previous years. .

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According to the head of Tehran Computer Technologists Union, the Ministry of Security has set limits for the import of IT goods, based on which, importers can import IT market goods up to the specified limit. Of course, this restriction existed in previous years as well, but the allowed import limit has been reduced this year.


Faraji Tehrani explained in this context: In the conditions of embargo and Corona, importers are looking to supply goods needed by companies and offices, but the ceiling of IT goods import history has not been increased yet. The Ministry of Security has announced that from now on importers must import items such as laptops, tablets and printers for the last half of the year.

Regarding the consequences of this decision, he said: In addition to price fluctuations, this decision has also caused losses to traders who have signed contracts with prominent foreign companies. If this restriction continues, the import of unofficial goods to the country will flourish.

The head of the Union of Technologists said about this restriction: After the spread of Corona, on the one hand, we saw offices working remotely, and on the other hand, education switched to online education. The situation turned the threat of Corona into an opportunity for IT traders, so that the demand for buying IT items increased. Now we have entered the seventh wave of Corona and the Ministry of Privacy has limited the order registration of technology items.

He continued: In the current situation, we are facing a lot of smuggled goods. The reason for this problem is the lack of attention to the demands of the private sector activists, in a situation where there is a demand to buy IT market items, the import of unofficial goods increases, the first damage of which is currency smuggling. On the other hand, with the spread of smuggling, the import of second-hand and fake goods increases, and the final consumer is the main victim.

Stating that the country has not yet reached self-sufficiency in the field of laptops, tablets and printers, this union activist advised that if we want the slogan of the year to be operational, the government should cooperate with IT traders to prevent smuggling.

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