The Ministry of Communications is on standby to solve communication problems in flooded areas


Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced that the ministry is ready to solve the communication problem and restore communication in the flooded areas.

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Referring to the rains and floods of the last few days, Zarepour emphasized on his website that the Ministry of Communications will take action to fix and repair the problem and infrastructure equipment as soon as they receive a report of a communication outage or problem.


Regarding the recent problems, the Minister of Communications said: In the last few days, we have witnessed monsoon rains and floods in many provinces, cities and villages of the country. Unfortunately, during the flood, some of our compatriots are grieving and some of them have suffered financial losses.

He emphasized: All government agencies are present on the scene depending on their responsibility, so that the basic needs of the flood-affected compatriots can be met together with the people. My colleagues in the ministry, while holding a crisis management meeting with the presence of the provincial general managers and leading the actions and establishing the necessary coordination between the infrastructure communication company, the telecommunications company and mobile phone operators, monitor the communication situation around the country around the clock to take the necessary measures to resolve the breakdowns. caused by flood should be done in the shortest possible time.

Referring to the flood damage to communication infrastructures in several provinces, Zarepour continued: So far, the flood has caused damage to a number of equipment and communication masts and optical fiber lines in some provinces such as Kerman, Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Qom, Tehran, etc. The presence and immediate action of technical teams, communications have been re-established.

Referring to the readiness of the Ministry of Communications forces to establish and restore communication in every city and village, he said: Currently, with the efforts of my colleagues, sporadic outages have been resolved and all cities and villages of the country have normal communications. Of course, my colleagues are on standby and as soon as they receive a report of communication interruption or problem in any part of the country, they will take action to restore and re-establish communication.

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