The Minister of Communications announced; Unprecedented cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of developing platforms and providing infrastructure



Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, who traveled to Moscow, announced after meeting with Russian officials: We need to use foreign platforms in some areas, in this regard, the cooperation of the two countries can meet our needs in this area.

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In the last few days, an Iranian delegation led by Minister of Communications Zarepour traveled to Russia and held discussions with various Russian authorities, including the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia and Tekh Holding. The result of these meetings was the creation of a joint working group for cooperation in fields related to information and communication technology.


In this regard, the Sputnik news agency of Russia conducted an interview with the Minister of Communications in order to explain the details of the agreements made. In this interview, Zarepour said about the cooperation between the two countries in the field of developing various platforms: In Iran, we have powerful native platforms in various fields that our people use, platforms that are used in various fields from e-commerce to passenger transportation, buying and selling. , insurance and in general are active in digital services and have created a very good capacity in the country. There are good native platforms in Russia as well, and we announced our readiness to provide the basis for Iranian and Russian platforms to operate in the two countries.

Referring to the fact that the cooperation in the field of hardware infrastructure will continue, the Minister of Communications said: in the field of databases, the two countries are somewhat dependent on Western versions, the use of these capacities, which are mostly accompanied by licenses, in the conditions of sanctions It will be problematic for both countries. In this way, we decided to make a joint investment, for example in the field of databases, to have common databases and use them for the needs of the two countries, especially in the public sector, which are sensitive.

Emphasizing bilateral cooperation in the development of platforms, Zarepour noted: In Iran, we have platforms with tens of millions of users, and in Russia, they have platforms with more than a hundred million users, these platforms meet the needs of both countries. In some areas, we still need to use foreign platforms, in this regard, the cooperation of the two countries can meet our needs in this area.

He continued: The need to use the abilities of the two countries is trust, especially in telecommunication equipment and information technology equipment, where Western brands were already leaders in these areas and there was a lot of trust in them. Russia takes time, but the will of both sides is to shorten this process.

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