The migration of users from Android to iPhone in 2022 set a new record


Apparently, everything is not going well for Google’s Android operating system; Because gradually more and more Android users are changing their mobile operating system and migrating to iOS. It seems that Apple has drawn the attention of more users to its ecosystem with the release of the new iOS 16 update.

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Tim Cook; During a conference call, Apple’s CEO explained the company’s financial performance during the 3-month period ending in June and announced that during this period, Apple managed to register a record revenue of 83 billion dollars. This figure shows a growth of 2% compared to the previous 3-month period. Also, Mr. Cook claimed that a large number of Android users have welcomed Apple’s iPhone phones in recent months. He said: “We are recording a new record during the 3-month period ending in June. This record can be seen both in the revenue section and in terms of the number of users migrating to the iPhone.


Thus, the CEO of Apple has confirmed the data reported by the StockApp Institute at the beginning of this year. In this report, it was claimed that Google’s Android operating system is gradually losing more and more users. As a reminder, it should be noted that the popularity of Google’s mobile operating system has decreased drastically in recent years; To the extent that within only 4 years, the share of this platform in the market has decreased from 77.32 to 69.74 percent.

An unprecedented number of Android users are migrating to iPhone

While the sale of smartphones has decreased significantly this year; But Samsung and Apple are still the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. The share of the American giant in the first 3 months of 2022 increased by 3% from 15% to 18%. Therefore, it seems that Android users are leaving this operating system en masse and migrating to Apple’s ecosystem.

Also, last year, iPhone users showed more loyalty than Android users. As a result, the desire to change smartphones among iPhone users was much less. Apple has also mentioned the same issue in its recent report.

Luca Maestri; Apple’s financial director also said: “The number of active iPhone users in all geographical regions of the world has reached its highest level. This achievement is due to the extraordinary sales of iPhone phones and the feeling of unparalleled loyalty on the part of Apple customers. In fact, the latest survey conducted by 451Research among American consumers shows that the satisfaction rate of iPhone customers is equal to 98%. Also, the number of users migrating to iPhone during the 3-month period ending in June set a new record and experienced a 2-digit growth rate compared to the same period last year.

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