The law of importing flagship phones has changed


After the problems that arose in the field of importing phones over 600 dollars and the lack of currency allocation for these models, it seems that the Ministry of Security is planning to change the import of this model of mobile phones.

According to the new announcement of the Comprehensive Trade System affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the import of phones over $600 will be financed from the “foreign currency obtained from the export of its own products”.


In this announcement, it is stated that in the near future, it will be possible to import phones above 600 dollars by “ordering Samsung Note, Z, and S series mobile phones, etc., only from the source of foreign exchange from the place of export.”

Considering that this condition of providing foreign exchange from the place of export of its products is in conflict with issues such as the credit rating of merchants and the import ceiling that has been set in advance, it seems that if this condition continues to be applied, there should not be a clear future of injecting this series of There were mobile phones in the market and traders in this market will continue to abuse the procedure of importing mobile phones.

Uncertainty in how to allocate currency for the import of phones over 600 dollars, which has become one of the serious challenges of the mobile market in the country, started from the end of May under the pretext of saving the country’s foreign exchange resources, and the allocation of currency for the import of flagship or so-called luxury phones Different brands were finished and it became impossible for importers to order these products.

At first, I was supposed to allocate the amount of foreign currency required for the import of phones through currency exchange with dry goods exporters, but the second Nima hall, which was intended for this purpose, was closed within a few days and this method could not meet the foreign exchange needs of the traders. After the closing of the second Nima hall, the receipt of foreign exchange for the commercial import of these phones has practically stopped and since then, most of the market’s need for these mobile phones has been done only through passenger imports and abuse of this method.

This incident led to an increase in the purchase and sale of passports for the illegal import of mobile phones in the form of passengers in recent months, and this issue was so serious that the Headquarters for Combating Goods and Currency Smuggling recently announced in an announcement that in the last 20 days of September and at the same time By performing the Arbaeen pilgrimage to Iraq, the import and registration of mobile phones from the border of this country is temporarily prohibited and the phones imported from this country will not be registered.

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