The lack of release of Galaxy S22 FE has created a serious gap in Samsung products


During the past few years, Samsung had caused disappointment by denying customers the right to choose. Samsung fans have been waiting for the introduction of a new big device from the Korean giant almost every 3 months. The Galaxy S series flagships are introduced at the beginning of every year, and in the second six months of the year, the company’s Galaxy Note series devices and folding models were unveiled. Finally, at the end of the year, we saw the introduction of the Fan Edition model of the flagship Galaxy S series during the same year.

Along with these premium models, the company was also unveiling a large number of top mid-range smartphones, budget and low-end devices. We also saw the introduction of new smartwatches, headphones and tablets from Samsung from time to time. However, Samsung has implemented major changes in its product line in the last year. In the meantime, a big change has created a significant gap that will probably be difficult for Samsung to fill.


Earlier this year, there were reports that the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE would not be released. Given the very good performance of the Galaxy S21 FE, it was quite a surprise for Samsung to make such a decision. The Korean giant had previously promised to launch a new Fan Edition model every year. However, the company decided to make this not true for the Galaxy S22 FE smartphone.

Further, the reports transmitted from South Korea claimed that this decision is probably related to the problem of the lack of chips in the world. Apparently, Samsung had to choose between increasing the production of the Galaxy S22 Ultra with very good sales or launching the Galaxy S22 FE. Because the profit margin of Galaxy S22 Ultra is more for Samsung; Therefore, the company finally decided to use these chips in the Galaxy S22 Ultra and abandon the release of the Galaxy S22 FE this year.

According to reports, the chip release process for the Galaxy S22 series smartphones has been very limited since the beginning. Samsung initially planned to produce 3 million Galaxy S22 FE units; But he later changed his mind and used these chips for the Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship. This means that Samsung did not have access to the chips needed to produce the Galaxy S22 FE, and as a result, it should abandon the release of this gadget.

It is not yet clear whether this issue really caused the non-release of the budget flagship Galaxy S22 FE or not. These assumptions are based on reports published by local Korean media. Samsung has not given any official explanation regarding the fate of the Galaxy S22 FE, or indeed the upcoming model of the Fan Edition family. On the other hand, another report claims that Samsung will return to the scene with the launch of the Galaxy S23 FE in 2023. But it is still too early to make a definitive statement in this regard.

One of Samsung’s problems at the moment is that it probably doesn’t have any specific plans to release a new and significant handset within the next 6 months. Fan Edition series devices managed to attract a large number of customers due to their technical specifications close to the flagship models and at the same time their very competitive pricing. Those customers who buy devices in that price range; Now they have limited suitable options.

These people probably haven’t bought Samsung’s latest foldable phones and probably don’t want to wait for the Galaxy S23 series to come out. In such a situation, even buying a low-end model will probably impose a higher than expected cost on the customers. Therefore, customers will either go for the handset of an older generation, the Galaxy S21 FE, or simply wait for suitable purchase offers for the remaining Galaxy S22 base models and choose one of the two options.

In such a situation, some customers will probably switch to buying smartphones from other brands; A phenomenon that will undoubtedly not be pleasant for Samsung. However, Samsung can’t do much to get out of the current situation. The company is now focusing on selling as many of its new foldable phones as possible over the coming months. The sale of the Galaxy S23 series will not begin until early next year; Therefore, the Korean brand can focus its full attention on foldable phones. However, not all customers are going to buy Samsung foldable phones. Even if customers are interested in these gadgets, they will face a big obstacle, which is the huge cost.

Samsung’s main problem at the moment is that it doesn’t have many options in its product portfolio to replace the Galaxy S22 FE. Mid-range devices do not have the same technical specifications and as a result have different pricing. It is not possible for Samsung to significantly reduce the pricing of Galaxy S22 series devices. So the Korean giant is basically caught in a big predicament.

The consequences of not releasing the Galaxy S22 FE will probably help Samsung make better and more reasonable decisions about its plans for next year. For example, if Samsung can compensate for the loss caused by the lack of Galaxy S22 FE by selling more of its more expensive flagships; In this case, he will probably not show much desire to continue the supply of the Fan Edition family. However, if the non-release of Galaxy S22 FE causes a significant financial loss to Samsung; In this case, the company will probably reconsider its previous decision and try to find a way to release the Fan Edition series of handsets again.

However, now the question is raised, what measures can Samsung implement at the current stage? This situation can cause a relative reduction in the price of the Galaxy S22 smartphone and make the said gadget a more valuable option for customers. The best shopping deals are now available on The company should continue to offer great incentives with its current flagships and give potential Galaxy S22 FE customers access to an alternative product. This issue will not separate Samsung fans from the company’s customer base.

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