The iPhone 14 accident detection sensor is activated in the roller coaster!


Almost a month ago, Apple unveiled its new generation of smartphones and smart watches, and with it, the company’s latest operating system was released for its new and old products. The new generation of Apple smartphones and wearable gadgets come with a special feature that is very useful for drivers. These devices support Apple’s crash detection sensors, which, according to the American technology giant, are not activated in other activities that involve high speed and acceleration, and can be assured that they will be activated only in the event of an accident.

Here, it is worth mentioning the way Apple’s accident detection sensor works. The mentioned feature, when the user has a road accident, thanks to the special accelerometer sensors, detects the accident and immediately informs the contacts and emergency services.


Recently, an iPhone 14 Pro user reported that Apple’s accident detection sensor was activated when using a roller coaster. According to reports, when this user was riding the roller coaster and had his iPhone 14 Pro with him, the phone’s sensors were activated due to the high acceleration and noise of the roller coaster, and after making an automatic call to 911 (the police number in the United States United) has mistakenly reported the user’s car accident to the police.

The accident detection system in Apple products uses a pressure gauge to identify changes in cabin pressure and GPS to record changes in speed; At the same time, the device’s microphone is able to detect loud noises caused by accidents. Now it is expected that Apple will make changes to the three mentioned mechanisms so that we do not see such mistakes in the future.

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