The increase in revenue from Apple services despite the decrease in revenue from the App Store


According to reports, the decrease in income from games has caused the decrease in the income of the Apple App Store during the last 3 months.

However, the overall growth of Apple’s income from the company’s services has continued.


Eric Woodring; App Store net revenue fell 5 percent in September, analyst Morgan Stanley reported Monday. This institute has prepared its report based on the data provided by the Sensor Tower website.

The Sensor Tower website also tracks the status of downloads and sales of applications.

In explaining the reasons behind the App Store’s revenue decline, Mr. Woodring pointed out that Apple customers are likely to spend less on goods such as software due to inflation and other economic concerns. First of all, it has been announced that the revenue of the App Store from gaming has decreased by 14%.

Also, the 5 percent drop in overall App Store revenue represents the largest decline reported since Morgan Stanley began tracking the data in 2015.

Eric Woodring noted in a note: “We believe the results of our recent App Store data evaluation show that the importance of paying for App Store apps has declined among global consumers in the short term; Because users prefer to spend their income to meet more essential needs.

Apple does not publish App Store sales figures independently. In fact, this department is considered as a subset of the company’s services business.

The company charges developers a 15-30 percent fee for in-app purchases or in-app purchases made on their devices.

The revenue earned from Apple services reached $19.6 billion in the 3-month period ending June 2022. This figure was equal to 17.4 billion dollars in the same period last year.

As usual during the coronavirus outbreak, Apple declined to provide official earnings guidance for the three-month period ending in September.

However, Luca Maestri; Apple’s chief financial officer announced that according to the company’s forecast, the revenue earned from services will increase by a maximum of 12% during this 3-month period.

Morgan Stanley expects Apple’s overall revenue from services to rise 8 percent in the three months ended Sept. 30.

Apple services include a wide range of products such as AppleCare, repairs, Apple One subscription, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and Apple Card.

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