The images of Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus have been released on the web


We are at least 3 and probably 4 or 5 months away from the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphones. But the disclosure of information about these handsets has started in a serious way since yesterday, and now new images of Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus phones have been published on the Internet.

As you can see in the pictures below; The design of these handsets will be changed next year; Even if the mentioned gadgets still have the design features of Samsung products. Accordingly, the back panel of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will not host the camera island module, unlike its previous generation models. In fact, each camera separately has a circular protrusion.


As a reminder, it should be noted that this style of design has also been used in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. It seems that the camera design pattern in this handset will be transferred to other members of the Galaxy S family over the next year.

Apart from these cases, no other details have been mentioned. The front panel of the handsets uses a full-screen design, and the selfie camera is still located in a spherical hole in the center of the upper part of the display. However, the size of the Galaxy S23 Plus will increase slightly compared to its previous generation model. Like Galaxy S22 Plus, this handset will be equipped with a 6.6-inch screen; But its dimensions are equal to 157.7 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm. For comparison, it is interesting to know that the Galaxy S22 Plus has dimensions of 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6 mm.

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

According to rumors, these handsets are expected to support 25W fast charging technology. Also, the processing power of the above gadgets will probably be provided by Snapdragon 8 generation 2 or Exynos 2300 chips. According to rumors, the Galaxy S23 Plus will have the model number SM-S9160.

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy S23

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S23 will be equipped with a 6.1-inch screen like its previous generation model. The body dimensions of this handset are slightly longer and wider compared to Galaxy S22 and are equal to 146.3 x 70.8 x 7.6 mm. As a reminder, it is interesting to know that the dimensions of the Galaxy S22 body are equal to 146 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm.

The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus are expected to have similar specs (except for the battery capacity, of course). According to predictions, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S23 Plus is about 5% higher than the standard model of the Galaxy S23 and will eventually be equal to 3900 mAh.

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