The Huawei P60 series will probably come with a 14nm Kirin 9100 chip



Since Huawei faced various sanctions from the US government; The business activities of this Chinese company in the global smartphone market decreased sharply. But a new report points to some interesting details about Huawei’s next-generation flagship smartphone.

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For the information of the uninformed, it should be noted that the United States has previously imposed sanctions against the Chinese tech giant. Thus, Huawei’s access to its main chip supplier, TSMC, was cut off. Huawei usually uses proprietary Kirin chips that were designed by the HiSilicon unit of this company; was using This was obviously the case with the company’s flagship smartphones.


But now a new report from the HuaweiCentral website contains more details about the upcoming Huawei P60 flagship smartphone. Apparently, this handset will use the new Kirin chip; A chip produced on the basis of the 14 nm process and launched under the brand name Kirin 9100. This new information was shared by a whistleblower on the Chinese social network Weibo. This informant published a post on the Chinese microblogging website and announced that although this chip is produced based on the 14 nm process; But its performance with current generation chips that are produced based on the 5nm process; will be comparable.

In addition, this issue shows Huawei’s attempt to revive its chip and integrated circuit manufacturing subsidiary called HiSilicon. According to rumors, the Huawei P60 premium smartphone will be launched in 2023.

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For comparison, it is interesting to know that the flagship chips of Qualcomm or Apple are produced based on the 5 nm process and contain approximately 15 billion transistors. On the other hand, the 14 nm process can only host about 2 billion transistors. Apple used this technology earlier in 2015 to produce the chip used in the iPhone 6s called A9. Of course, it should be remembered that this news has not been officially confirmed yet; Therefore, we have to wait until more accurate information is released.

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