The Google Pixel 7 series will be available with the same pricing as the Pixel 6 family


According to the previously announced schedule, Google is going to unveil the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones while holding an event on October 6 (October 13). As the date of this event is approaching, we see the release of more information about these 2 handsets from the search giant or various news sources.

Yesterday, the first rendering of the front view of the Pixel 7 Pro smartphone was published by Google on the Facebook social network (image below). Based on this, it seems that the curvature of the display has been significantly reduced compared to the Pixel 6 Pro. This image shows the back panel of the Hazel colored Pixel 7 Pro, two Pixel Watches and a pair of Pixel Buds Pro earbuds.


If users want to join the Pixel Superfans Facebook group, they must join the waiting list; Because the acceptance of membership requests has been stopped at the moment. In addition, the newly leaked information shows that the Google Pixel 7 will have the same pricing as the Pixel 6 at the time of launch. Also, the pricing of the Pixel 7 Pro will be consistent with its previous generation model, the Pixel 6 Pro. This means that the smaller and larger models of the Pixel 7 series will be launched at $599 and $899, respectively, like last year’s models.

“Pixel 7 Pro will be launched under the codename Cheetah, with a price tag of $899 and 3 different color models with the names Obsidian, Hazel and Snow.” – Artem Russakovskii; September 22, 2022

Of course, it should be noted that the leaked prices for the handsets are only related to the United States market, even if they are valid. This year, Apple did not change the price of its iPhones in the United States; But in the markets of other regions of the world, we saw an increase in the price of Apple handsets. Therefore, Google will probably follow a similar approach.

As mentioned earlier; Google Pixel 7 will be available in Snow, Obsidian and Lemongrass color models; While Pixel 7 Pro will be available to buyers with Snow, Obsidian and Hazel colors. It seems that the terms Snow and Obsidian actually refer to the white and black colorways.

Also, recently leaked information shows that customers will receive a $100 gift card if they pre-purchase Google Pixel 7 at Target; While pre-ordering the Pixel 7 Pro will come with a $200 gift card. Pre-ordering of these handsets will start on the same day of the event, 13 Mehr. Also, based on previous rumors, it is expected that the official sale of Google Pixel 7 series devices will start on October 13 (October 20).

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