The Galaxy S22 series has the brightest and most accurate AMOLED screen on the market


One of the features we expected to see in Samsung’s new flagships was the brighter OLED displays. It has now been officially announced that the Galaxy S22 series will use the brightest and most accurate AMOLED panel on the market.

The Galaxy S22 series uses better displays, but the brightness improvement is limited to the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. In other words, the standard model of the Galaxy S22 comes with the same brightness of 1000 to 1300 nits of the Galaxy S21.

But the older brothers of this device give their maximum brightness 1750 nits They say that the highest rate is in the market. Of course, apparently the highest level of brightness is achieved only in certain circumstances, such as when the automatic brightness adjustment system is active. In manual lighting mode, the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra also limit the brightness to 1200 nits.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Support for this level of lighting is especially important when using the phone outdoors and in the sun. Of course, since increasing the brightness can affect color accuracy, Samsung has used a new technology in the Galaxy S22 series called Vision Booster.

This technology first analyzes the brightness level of the environment and then changes the color map of different parts of the image while changing the brightness of the screen so that color accuracy is maintained even in the brightest places. With this in mind, the Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra not only have the brightest screens in the world of phones, but are also equipped with advanced technology that maintains image quality in different lighting conditions.


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