The former head of Radio and Television Organization: You have created an enemy called cyberspace and you blame your mistakes and inefficiencies on it.


While the internet blackout in the country has entered its third week, the process of internet restriction continues and the conditions for accessing foreign applications are getting worse every day.

This event has brought widespread protests and criticisms from the people, elites, internet business managers and internet business union managers and various authorities. But the Minister of Communications has only one answer in response to these protests and that Identification of competent authorities Is.


It seems that as long as the protests continue in the country, the authorities will limit people’s access to foreign platforms regardless of the consequences.

According to the report of NetBlocks, the interruption of the Internet in Iran every hour brings a financial loss of one and a half million dollars equal to 48 billion Tomans. Also, according to the Tehran E-Commerce Association, more than 400,000 businesses are on the verge of destruction in this situation, and the livelihood of more than one million people has been cut off.

This incident caused Mohammad Sarafaraz, the former head of the Broadcasting Organization and current member of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, to criticize the recent events by publishing a tweet.

Sarafraz wrote: You have created an enemy called virtual space and you blame your mistakes and inefficiencies on it. The space that people have paid for business and current affairs is called security and you cut it indefinitely! Don’t you create insecurity?

Of course, Mr. Sarafraz, as a member of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, did not talk about his role or efforts to fix filtering when he published this tweet.

Mohammad Sarfaraz, who is known for his controversial claims, has claimed in the past that BBC Persian is cooperating with the power institutions in Iran.

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