The first joint electric car of Honda and Sony on the way to America


Honda and Sony announced that their first joint electric car will be launched in the US market in early 2026. At the end of this year, these cars will be released in the Japanese market. These two companies consider the American market as a pristine opportunity to launch their advanced electric car and want to make the most of this potential by using a reasonable price and creativity in the field of technology and software.

They believe that with Honda’s experience in the automotive industry and Sony’s technology in the field of software and sensors, they can separate themselves from competing companies; Just like what Tesla has done in this market. The profit and loss of both companies will be 50-50 in this route and the name of this project is called Honda-Sony transportation.


Honda and Sony electric car pre-sale will start from 2025. The production of these cars is supposed to start this year in 12 Honda companies located in the United States. There is a possibility that the first joint product of the Japanese companies will not reach mass production. Also, the two companies have not yet commented on the supply of their electric vehicles in Europe. For sure, more news and details about these cars will be published in the coming days.

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