The first interview of the Minister of Communications after returning from Russia


Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, spoke on the sidelines of the Synergy Exhibition for the Management of Iran 1401 regarding the agreements made during his visit to Russia.

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Zarepour told reporters about the achievements of the Russian trip: One of our plans is to supply Iranian products, which are high quality products, in other countries. This happened during the trip to Russia and about 30 hardware and software companies presented their products. Of course, there were negotiations before the trip.


He continued: In this trip, several memorandums of understanding were concluded for the supply of hardware products such as switches, network equipment and capabilities in the software field, which, of course, is still ongoing.

Regarding the field of technology products, the Minister of Communications told other countries: We are entering into negotiations with all the countries that we can cooperate with in this field, our products are of such high quality that they all work in our own communication network and it has the ability to be offered to other countries.

Regarding the side effects that occurred during his trip to Russia, he stated: It is a matter of pride that Iranian products are of such high quality that Russian companies that are highly ranked in the field of technology also signed contracts to use our products and the companies received advance payments from them. But unfortunately, some did not see these achievements and went to the sidelines.

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