The first image of the new taskbar of Windows 11 was published by the CEO of Microsoft


Recently, the American technology giant has displayed the taskbar of Windows 11 with a floating appearance. Although the floating taskbar of Windows 11 is not mentioned directly, but it seems that showing it is a prelude to the official unveiling. It should be noted that first Twitter users managed to see the new taskbar and its widgets on top of the desktop.

According to published reports, Windows 11 floating taskbar has been observed on Surface Studio computers. Probably this taskbar is a special example that Microsoft will use in touch devices.


Microsoft has already made some customizations with the Surface Studio 2 Plus, whereby the size of the taskbar icon changes as a result of the movement of the screen. Some testers of the Windows 11 operating system claimed in August that they had access to this floating taskbar, which had a more curved design. But Microsoft stated that this was just a software bug. Further, one of the senior managers of Microsoft (Brandon LeBlock) pointed out that some bugs cause the appearance of the user interface to change, and the case that users saw is not on our agenda.

During this year, Microsoft has tested many features for Windows 11, most of which are likely to be in the first stages of their development and we will not see their release anytime soon. Considering this issue, it can be said that the floating taskbar of Windows 11, which was displayed at the Ignite ceremony, is one of the features that are still in the early stages of development.

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