The first electric flying car will be made in America at a price of 300,000 dollars


California-based startup Alef Aeronautics has released images of prototypes of a flying electric car that can also drive on roads.

At first glance, the net-shaped body of this car attracts attention. This part acts as a reinforcement structure. Four engines with eight propellers are installed inside the car. The wheels of the car are normal, and the driver’s and student’s cabins are located in a kind of compartment. The outer shell of the car also acts as a kind of wing.


This electric flying car can take off from anywhere and does not need a special place (such as an airport runway) to do this. Currently, the production of the prototype of this car has started in the mentioned company. According to the plans, the first series of these cars will be released in the last quarter of 2025. The announced price for its pre-sale is 300 thousand dollars.

Electric flying car

Currently, the engineers have focused on reducing the body weight of this car as much as possible. Of course, doing this should not be at the cost of losing the strength of the body, and the company should think about this issue as well.

This flying electric car can travel about 322 km on the ground and 117 km in the sky with each charge. Its maximum speed will be between 32 and 40 km and it can carry two people. The ability to take off and land vertically is one of the features of this car.

The manufacturer has announced that in 2023, it will start producing the Z model of this car, which can carry 4 people and can travel 483 km on the ground and 354 km in the sky with each charge.

Electric flying car

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